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My dedication and commitment over the past 16 years in supporting others into the Hoffman Process is a direct result of the depth and honouring of the sacredness and gentle power that I found with in myself on the Hoffman Process… I have found more room inside for me – I have found my way home”

Catherine has been working at the Hoffman Centre since 2000 as the Process Enquiries coordinator and Enrolment Counsellor. She has qualifications in Transpersonal Counselling, Humanistic Astrology and Mythology and body centred therapies. She is also the Vice President of Society of Australian Sexologists (Vic).

She is also the director of Personal Harmony – seeing clients in her private practice for over 23 years as a psychotherapist, incorporating both somatic and more traditional Counselling techniques. Based in Melbourne, her practice is in Armadale and she also offers Skype and phone sessions – ph 0418 550 569.

Catherine has also given lectures on Counselling Techniques at the Phoenix Institute and The Lux Counselling College and facilitates numerous workshops and lectures for women and couples on sensuality for all genders.

Catherine’s passion and dedication to her profession and her belief and commitment to the Process helps create the running of a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. To find out more about Catherine visit

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