5 Day Hoffman Advanced Integration Training (NEW) 2018-04-26T05:54:19+00:00

Advanced Program for Hoffman Graduates only.

The Hoffman Process is the beginning – we have faced the consequences of our family of origin and are now ready to take responsibility for the creation of our own lives.

The Hoffman Advanced Integration Training is 5-day residential program led by Jutka Freiman (Psych, Senior Hoffman Facilitator and International accredited Enneagram Trainer, Director of Advanced Program Design) and Volker Krohn (MA Psych., Family Therapist and Director of the Hoffman Centre).

These 2 master practitioners have created this exciting new program out of more than 60 years of combined practise and working with people.

They have amalgamated the two previous Hoffman follow up programs:

Retreat 1 and 2

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

You will be guided into a deep engagement with the Enneagram system and will be able to locate your own Enneatype structure and the inherent gifts of your type. Further supporting you on the spirit guided path through your life’s journey.

This is a highly experiential retreat that introduces new spiritual practises
and other modalities and Constellation Work, which will make more and new sense of your original Hoffman Process experience.


• Deepening your understanding of the motivation of certain persistent negative patterns and finding resolution
• Understanding the underlying emotional needs that create certain fixations
• Finding a practise to deepen your connection to essence that works best to align your
• Deepening your understanding how other people perceive reality and what their particular
sensitivities are
• Finding more emotional resilience, thus improving leadership skills and empathic attunement
• Deepening compassion for other people’s struggles with their negative patterns, moods and
• Getting an embodied distinction of what it feels like to have more balance within your
Quadrinity and in your life
• Understanding how our instincts impact our personality and what each person needs to do
in order to find balance and live more from their essential nature.
• Learn more meditation techniques.
• Be challenged to grow into the next layer of your consciousness.
• Resolving interpersonal issues: Relationships, Family, Friends and Colleagues
• Moving from the restlessness of your patterns to resting in your Spirit