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Between a stimulus and the response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Victor Frankle, Psychiatrist and Author of ” Man in Search of Meaning”

‘The Retreat’ – Advanced Integration (level1) teaches us that our particular Enneatype functions as a distinct operating system that only allows for certain stimuli to enter into our consciousness and thus limits our perception of self and our environment ( this includes in particular other people in our life)
For example: Some of us are enlivened by a robust conversation where as others might perceive it as a conflict. Others again might just disassociate and not even register an opposing perspective.
To Hoffman Process was the first initiation into being able to ‘pause’ before reacting.
‘The Retreat’ – Advanced Integration (level1) helped us to understand the motivation of our reactions/ responses and how other people have quite a distinct and different motivation behind their reactions.

‘The Retreat’ (Level 2) Further Deepening:
This next level will provide us with finer distinctions on how we perceive and respond. It is highly experiential and aims at expanding deeper into pure consciousness so that the ‘pause’ can be utilised more intelligently and mindfully.
This exciting new 3.5 day program builds on the awareness and skills of both: the Hoffman Process and ‘The Retreat’ – Advanced Integration Level 1.

In this workshop you will gain:
• Further understanding of the Enneagram system with a particular focus on the impact of instinctual sub-type material.
• We will explore how the sub-types impact each type’s structure in very different ways resulting in 27 discrete types.
• With more personal awareness we achieve more personal freedom to be present to what is true for us
• Finding more emotional and spiritual resilience to take purposeful actions in our lives.
• Deepening our understanding and compassion for self and others.
• Deepening our relationship to essence
• Through this more sophisticated lens we will gain a better understanding of how our type together with our instinctual sub-type influences our inner and outer world.

‘The Retreat’ Further Deepening (Level 2) requires a completion of  ‘The Retreat’ ( Level1 )
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If you have not participated in the Level 1 we are offering a $ 200 discount for enrollments into both programs. Please register on line or with the office with a $300 deposit for each programs.
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