Audio Files


NOTE: We suggest to download these files to a laptop or desktop first, and import the mp3 files from there into your iPhone, Tablet or Android.
Should you have any problem following the instruction below, we also provide a preloaded mp3 player for the duration of the process that you can purchase for $50 after the course.


Hoffman Process Audio Tools .tar (WINDOWS 309.08MB)

Hoffman Process Audio Tools .zip (MAC 297.53MB)


  1. Download the compressed mp3 files to a computer
  2. Double click to extract
  3. Import into iTunes (or equivalent) | File > Add to Library
  4. Set up a new Hoffman playlist
  5. Add your newly imported mp3 to the Hoffman playlist by drag and dropping them
  6. Connect you mobile device to the computer and synchronize the new Hoffman playlist

Happy Meditations