Dr Joan Borysenko Discusses the Benefits of the Hoffman Process

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Each one of us looks back and you can say, I remember the time when something fell into place… and at that moment, what really happens is that you’re free from something that was holding you back, and there’s a sense of increased potential, just like you’re more present, you’re able to be here now [...]

Dr J.W. Wilson discusses how the Hoffman Process creates positive long-lasting changes in brain structure

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For over 30 years, the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI), Canada have been doing neurological and genetic research on the basis of learning and behaviour change. Executive Director Dr J.W. Wilson, was been asked to explain the science behind the Hoffman Process; how is it, that by being exposed to in such a very short period [...]

Dylan Jones’ Remarkably Honest Account of the Hoffmann Process

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Advocate for men's mental health, GQ Editor Dylan Jones raises awareness on men’s plight with mental health issues in his candid account of his personal experience of the Hoffman Process and repressed childhood memories as he reveals the life-altering release and healing that comes from speaking out. Since the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, women [...]

Katy Perry Rests into her Essential Self in True Authenticity

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Being one of the highest-earning women in music is no easy gig, and the acclaimed music super star Katy Perry continues to evolve in her awesomeness by sharing with the world how her dedication to music and her fans has spurred her onward on her path of personal growth and self discovery. Katy Perry has [...]

Interview with ERICA GARZA on Addiction and ‘Ordinary Trauma’

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US Hoffman Graduate Erica Garza and her new book 'Getting Off' Erica Garza struggled with the loneliness and shame of sex and porn addiction for two decades, during which she tried many self-help routes, including Hoffman. The Process helped her to connect with a key childhood event which proved particularly enlightening. Now [...]

The Return of the Feminine – Interview with Jutka Freiman

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In this interview Jutka takes us into the archetypal realm of the Feminine, and explains its meaning for women at different stages of life, and shares her experience of turning 60. Since the mid-1980s, Jutka Freiman has guided women on the journey from self to soul. A psychotherapist and group facilitator with degrees [...]

Hoffman Graduate Event and Private Sessions Singapore

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 With Volker Krohn, Hoffman Process Director & Facilitator Graduate Event: Tuesday, 30 January, 7 - 9pm at 'The Studio' Topic: 2018, the Year of the Dog. Don’t bark at the wrong tree! Creating the right habits in your life to support your Personal Growth. 7pm to 9pm at 'The Studio' PLEASE NOTE - NEW VENUE [...]

Can Kindness Be Taught?

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By RICHARD SCHIFFMANDEC. 14, 2017 Prekindergarten students at P.S. 212 in Jackson Heights, Queens, observe their “belly buddies” — stuffed animals placed on their stomachs — as they rise and fall with their breath. The lesson is part of the Kindness Curriculum.Credit Jeenah Moon for The New York Times Thanks to a challenge from [...]