After overcoming self-esteem issues, Brisbane doctor Duncan Stewart becomes an Elvis impersonator

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People often say to me, “Oh, I can’t sing” and I laugh and say, “I thought that too, once!” Now you can’t shut me up when I get on stage. I was a very shy child and most of my life; I had this great sense of inferiority. You can’t get up and sing until [...]

Interview with ERICA GARZA on Addiction and ‘Ordinary Trauma’

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US Hoffman Graduate Erica Garza and her new book 'Getting Off' Erica Garza struggled with the loneliness and shame of sex and porn addiction for two decades, during which she tried many self-help routes, including Hoffman. The Process helped her to connect with a key childhood event which proved particularly enlightening. Now [...]

The Return of the Feminine – Interview with Jutka Freiman

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In this interview Jutka takes us into the archetypal realm of the Feminine, and explains its meaning for women at different stages of life, and shares her experience of turning 60. Since the mid-1980s, Jutka Freiman has guided women on the journey from self to soul. A psychotherapist and group facilitator with degrees [...]

Hoffman Graduate Event and Private Sessions Singapore

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 With Volker Krohn, Hoffman Process Director & Facilitator Graduate Event: Tuesday, 30 January, 7 - 9pm at 'The Studio' Topic: 2018, the Year of the Dog. Don’t bark at the wrong tree! Creating the right habits in your life to support your Personal Growth. 7pm to 9pm at 'The Studio' PLEASE NOTE - NEW VENUE [...]

Can Kindness Be Taught?

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By RICHARD SCHIFFMANDEC. 14, 2017 Prekindergarten students at P.S. 212 in Jackson Heights, Queens, observe their “belly buddies” — stuffed animals placed on their stomachs — as they rise and fall with their breath. The lesson is part of the Kindness Curriculum.Credit Jeenah Moon for The New York Times Thanks to a challenge from [...]

The Spirit Guided Path – Advanced Hoffman Training

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Over the last seven years Jutka Freiman (Director of Program Design) and Volker Krohn (Director Hoffman Institute Singapore/Australia) have designed a follow up program in response to the wishes of Hoffman Graduates, who wanted further assistance in their emotional and spiritual development. In realising the need for people to have ‘time out’ from [...]


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50 YEARS LATER, BOB HOFFMAN’S DREAM LIVES ON By Hoffman Institute Robert Hoffman, founder of the Hoffman Process, had an innate and highly gifted ability to listen to deeper truths and wisdoms. It became his mission to figure out how to have more love in the world and in each person’s life and heal [...]

Rosalie Higson’s Personal Story: Deconstructing Rosalie

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After a series of family tragedies overloaded her with grief, Rosalie Higson decided radical therapy was needed to get her life back on track. Hand on my heart, I never thought I would be bellowing the c-word and beating out my most personal pain in the company of a dozen near-strangers all experiencing a similar [...]

Crystal Leahy Tells Her Personal Story of How Her Attitude to Life Turned Around

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Exhausted and anxious, Crystal Leahy wanted a positive change in her attitude. She shares how she found it in just 7 days... As I looked at the 18 strangers in a circle with me, I freaked out! I had just raveled all the way from Singapore to Australia, for an eight day workshop call the [...]