After overcoming self-esteem issues, Brisbane doctor Duncan Stewart becomes an Elvis impersonator

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People often say to me, “Oh, I can’t sing” and I laugh and say, “I thought that too, once!” Now you can’t shut me up when I get on stage. I was a very shy child and most of my life; I had this great sense of inferiority. You can’t get up and sing until [...]

Interview with ERICA GARZA on Addiction and ‘Ordinary Trauma’

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US Hoffman Graduate Erica Garza and her new book 'Getting Off' Erica Garza struggled with the loneliness and shame of sex and porn addiction for two decades, during which she tried many self-help routes, including Hoffman. The Process helped her to connect with a key childhood event which proved particularly enlightening. Now [...]

Rosalie Higson’s Personal Story: Deconstructing Rosalie

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After a series of family tragedies overloaded her with grief, Rosalie Higson decided radical therapy was needed to get her life back on track. Hand on my heart, I never thought I would be bellowing the c-word and beating out my most personal pain in the company of a dozen near-strangers all experiencing a similar [...]

Crystal Leahy Tells Her Personal Story of How Her Attitude to Life Turned Around

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Exhausted and anxious, Crystal Leahy wanted a positive change in her attitude. She shares how she found it in just 7 days... As I looked at the 18 strangers in a circle with me, I freaked out! I had just raveled all the way from Singapore to Australia, for an eight day workshop call the [...]

What are the benefits of the Hoffman Process?

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We can explain to you the theory of it but check out what one of our recent participants has to say: "The Hoffman Process is the most powerful transformational experience I have ever undertaken. It does require courage and commitment to fully participate. The change that is available is beyond what I could have imagined." [...]

Hoffman Process 1st Anniversary Love Letter

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I approached undertaking the Hoffman Process one year ago with the strong belief that this was a life raft for a drowning girl. I felt at the time completely hostage to my deeply dysfunctional relationship with food, had what I felt was a damaged and untenable relationship with my mother, and generally knew that I [...]