Relationships can be complex and mystifying…

Created and facilitated by Senior Hoffman Facilitator Craig Tunnell, The Love Code relationship workshops equip couples and individuals to create relationships that are loving, alive, intimate and respectful.

As we move beyond the heady ‘intoxication period’ of early relationship many couples experience a gradual deadening of their love and intimacy. There is over time, an often unconscious moving behind our respective protection layers, as our needs and feelings are denied or repressed and our conflicts not resolved or even spoken about. We focus on other important areas of our life like children or work whilst avoiding addressing the issues, disappointments and resentments that may be simmering underneath. When these aren’t addressed the intimacy of the relationship starts to suffer and instead distance and conflict begin to develop.

Despite our best intentions we are faced with feelings and conflicts that are difficult to understand or resolve. Because of our lack of relationship training we feel unskilled and even afraid to address these issues head-on. Our lack of effective relationship knowledge and skills stands in the way of us creating the love we want.

The Love Code workshops equip couples and individuals to create relationships that are loving, alive, intimate and respectful. The workshops help decode the challenging areas of relationships and provide maps and tools to understand and navigate the complex terrain of relationships. In the workshops we discover our own relationship behaviour patterns and how these impact our relationship style and the way we perceive our partner. We learn how to bring ourselves into a more centred ‘adult’ place and from here, learn how to communicate respectfully and effectively.

As they develop these skills the couple can actually grow closer through the successful working through of their issues together. Through this we are able to keep intimate pathways open with our partner and the love is able to flow.

The workshops help participants learn how to keep a sense of their individual selves while being close and connected with their partner. You will learn how to work through conflict, overcome distance and build an attuned intimacy. A reconnection develops that is deeper, safer and more authentic.

The workshops are both educational and experiential in their approach.

6:30 pm
6:30 pm — 8:00 pm (1h 30′)

Annie’s Place

Craig Tunnell

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