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‘The Retreat’ with Volker Krohn & Jutka Freiman

volker krohn and jutka freiman

Retreat Cost: $4775 (All Inclusve)
Early Bird Discount: save $200 (if paid in full 4 weeks in advance)

A highly experiential Hoffman style retreat for a happier and more vibrant you. With the Enneagram’s teachings, you can delve deeper into the psychological and spiritual dimensions. The Retreat employs a potent combination of Hoffman Tools, Family Constellation work, and Enneagram wisdom.

Expert facilitation with Jutka Freiman (Psych, Senior Hoffman Facilitator and International accredited Enneagram Trainer, Director of Advanced Program Design) and Volker Krohn (MA Psych., Family Therapist and Director of the Hoffman Centre). Learn more

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Private Sessions

Hoffman facilitators are available for individual pre and post Process counselling sessions face to face, on the phone or via Skype. Below you will find a list of preferred Hoffman psychotherapists, counsellors and facilitators. Appointments can be made directly with each therapist by clicking on the image below to reveal their contact details. Prices and conditions may vary among individual practitioners.

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volker krohn

Director, Supervising Facilitator

Volker Krohn

Volker Krohn is an accomplished psychotherapist and the director of the Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore since 1991. He was personally trained by Robert Hoffman in the late 1980s and is a senior supervising facilitator of the Process.

“I did the Hoffman Process in 1989 and had the privilege to have Bob Hoffman as my facilitator. The Hoffman Process helped me to become aware of self defeating behavioral patterns I had learned during my childhood, that had set me up to avoid honoring the authority of my own ‘knowing’ and being able to live my creativity and passion. I experienced a fundamental shift in my sense of Self. Before the Process, I used to constantly doubt my intuition and worry about outcomes – after the Process I found the ability to trust myself to be able to handle anything that came to meet me in life – the ‘good’ as well as the ‘bad’.”

Volker’s extensive professional background includes Family Therapy, Self-Psychology, and Creative Arts Therapy as well as organisational development. He also speaks and writes widely on emotional healing, re-education and spiritual renewal, through the exploration of early childhood conditioning.

Volker is passionate about helping people to improve their emotional and spiritual intelligence and has inspired thousands of Hoffman graduates in Australia and worldwide to live from a place of self-acceptance and gratitude claiming compassionate leadership in their life.

craig tunnell

Supervising Facilitator

Craig Tunnell

Craig has been a senior facilitator of the Hoffman Process since 1992 and works in both teaching the Process and training teachers nationally and internationally. He is the director of Teacher Training for the Hoffman Process and has a private practice working with individuals and couples in Sydney. He also runs and co-leads Creating Love Relationship workshops, which equip people to create and sustain deep and fulfilling, intimate relationships.

Personal growth has been Craig’s active passion for the past 28 years and he feels inspired to be able to help people discover and live from their own unique, essential selves. Apart from his counseling training Craig has also studied essence psychology, trauma work, somatic experiencing, breath work and more.



kerri chinner

Supervising Facilitator

Kerri Chinner

Kerri is a Soul Coach, Mentor and Shamanic & Energy Medicine Practitioner. She has a Degree in Social Work and is an International Supervising Teacher of the Hoffman Process, teaching both in Australia and UK. She is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Therapist, Full Mesa Carrier and Graduate of the Light Body School of Energy Medicine, Certified Shamanic and Energy Medicine Practitioner and Assistant Teacher of the Light Body School, having studied & worked in Peru with the ancient healing practices of the Amazon & Andean Shamans.

She is also a Certified Dying Consciously Facilitator, Qualified Somatic Bodywork Therapist and Animal Communicator. Kerri’ runs her own Online Healing and Mentoring Program. ‘Own Your Edge’ and is passionate about supporting women and men to remember who they truly are, to live without apology, to ‘own their edge’ and live as Co-Creators with the Divine.



julia bodkin hoffman process

Supervising Facilitator

Julia Bodkin

Julia works as a psychotherapist based at her home in the hills close to Byron Bay, inspired by more than 30 years of personal and professional immersion in different schools of psychotherapy and meditation. She has a degree in psychotherapy, has had a long career in working as a therapist in private practice individually and with groups and has worked as an addiction therapist at the original Priory Hospital in London. She was co-creator and a senior facilitator of The Path of Love process for 15 years, and is a senior teacher of the Diamond Logos Teaching. She has had the most training and experience, and therefore has expertise in Trauma Healing/SE®, Addiction Treatment, Gestalt, Group Therapy, Family Therapy & Family Constellation and Craniosacral Therapy. As a traveller she has lived and worked in several continents and is passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their true nature.




amanda ahern

Senior Facilitator

Amanda Ahern

“Completing the Hoffman Process, in 1989, was a marker in my life of profound change and growth. I actually grew up and became an adult. I am constantly amazed at how profound those changes are not only in myself but also in those whom I see going through the program.”

In 1990, Amanda started training as a Hoffman Facilitator with founder Bob Hoffman and during the last 30+ years of working professionally with groups and individuals, has uncovered the gift of being able to bring out the best in people. This is her passion and her purpose and she continues this work today teaching the Hoffman Process, Yoga, Creativity and Wellness Coaching and supporting those who are in a process of change.

Amanda has led groups for women ‘Meeting the Muse’, to inspire their creative potential as a means to creating a life of love, joy and realization. She was instrumental in developing the award winning community education program ‘Living Well Mentors’ in Logan Qld. Local women were inspired to take responsibility for their lives through her well researched and specifically designed Lifestyle Challenge. Over 30 of the women who attended the programs were then trained to take up leadership roles and offer their gifts to others in the community like – singing, art, flower arranging, massage, cooking, community services, movement and dance. Many of these programs are still in existence today.

Amanda has also trained with Robert Fritz Inc in USA in ‘Creating Results’, Corporate Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Health Coaching, Voice Dialogue Therapy and is a certified Svaroopa® Yoga Instructor and Embodyment® Yoga Therapist. Amanda practiced as a Postural Integration Therapist for many years and this has supported her in having a clear understanding of the physical conditions resulting from strongly held beliefs and unconscious conditioning.



jutka freiman

Senior Facilitator

Jutka Freiman

Jutka Freiman is a psychotherapist and group facilitator. She has a degree in psychology & anthropology, is a graduate member of the Bereavement Care Centre and is a supervisor and trainer with the Institute of Group Leaders. She also sits on a number of corporate panels and is an internationally accredited Enneagram therapist & trainer.

Since the mid ’80s she has worked extensively both locally and internationally using Inner Child work, Attachment Therapy, Enneagram, Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing, Bereavement Therapy, Psychodrama and other action methods as well as Art Therapy.

Jutka is in private practice in Sydney and is available for group and individual therapy, supervision and training. She brings to her work a passion for the creative and the collective believing both to be an expression of the inner being and magnificent tool for healing.



annie looby hoffman process

Senior Facilitator

Annie Looby

As a Counsellor and Gestalt Psychotherapist, Annie offers sessions from her peaceful property in Oxford Falls (Sydney Northern Beaches), face to face, via phone or online. Annie studied Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy at the Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney (Graduate Diploma) and is a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist (Advanced Clinical Training – The Relational Institute of Australia). She continues to develop her psycho-therapeutic skills by further study in Eco-therapy and Internal Family Systems, in order to stay abreast of contemporary best practice. In addition to her counselling and psychotherapeutic qualifications, Annie has completed Jutka Freiman’s accredited Enneagram Teacher Training certification.

As a Facilitator of the Hoffman Process, Annie has witnessed first-hand the power of this deep and life-changing process. “I continue, each time I teach the Process, to deepen my understanding of the beauty, frailty and resilience of the human spirit – it is an absolute privilege to bear witness to the courage and inherent goodness of each participant.”

With a background in the arts, Annie is also an accomplished actor (NIDA), producer and teacher of over 30 years’ experience. The arts have been a major focus of her life and she has an unwavering belief in the power of creative expression as a healing force. Whether it’s music, art, theatre or literature, Annie loves the human capacity to create meaning in all expressive forms.



Adrian Williams-Brett

Senior Facilitator

Adrian Williams-Brett

Adrian is a coach in presentation and communication skills, voice and personal development. A Hoffman Process facilitator and counsellor, Adrian comes from a background in performing arts (actor, director, writer), music (singer, composer) and adult education (voice, improvisation, movement, acting technique). For the last ten years he has worked as an executive coach and corporate facilitator.

Alongside his private practice, Adrian currently works for N.I.D.A Corporate (presentation and communication), Safety Mind (mindfulness-based safety training), MindFit at Work (mindfulness-based training for performance and well-being) and many other national and international organisations. Adrian sees the Hoffman Process as a wonderful springboard into deepening connections with self and with others. The experiences and tools acquired through the HP provide an incredible platform for enhanced creativity, spontaneity and expression.

“Unafraid to feel the full range of experience and with a real sense of our spiritual essence, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.”

Passionate about supporting people to find more presence and capacity in their personal and professional communications, Adrian offers practical, life-enhancing developmental work with body, breath, voice and creative expression. Based in Byron Bay, Adrian is available for coaching sessions in person or online.

marie pellegrinelli

B.A. Soc. Sc., Dip. Somatic Psychotherapy (ACCSP)

Marie Paolucci

Marie has been working for the Hoffman Centre since 1998, until 2009 as a Process registrar, and now as a therapist and enrolment counsellor. As a counsellor and psychotherapist Marie supports people to deeply transform and enhance their lives.

Marie facilitates Hoffman Introductory events in Melbourne, and she conducts the Quadrinity in Action (QIA) program for Melbourne Graduates. She also sees clients in her own private practice. She has completed a degree in Sociology, followed by a diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy. Prior to her position at the Hoffman Centre Marie worked for several years as a crisis counselor and trainer.

Marie is touched how many lives the Process has transformed and brings an incredible commitment and enthusiasm to her work that enables people who enquire about the Process to feel safe, understood and inspired.

dr greg lim-lange

Dr. Gregor Lim-Lange, S.E. Asia Regional Lead (Client Services & Training) and Clinical Psychologist

Dr Greg Lim-Lange

Dr Greg Lim-Lange is an expert on clinical and positive psychology and runs his practice at www.wolfgreg.com . Greg is also a thought leader in social emotional intelligence and mindfulness, the Co-founder and Chief Psychologist of Forest Wolf and previously the Head of Learning & Development at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Centre for Future-ready Graduates and Senior Lecturer at the NUS Psychology department.

Greg has been working with individual adults, couples and families with a variety of problems for more than 20 years. His work includes helping diverse people deal with difficult emotions, family and relationship problems, stress, and other psychological or behavioural difficulties.

Dr Greg is an integrative practitioner that has been trained in several therapy modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and couples therapy. Greg also provides employee assistant and leadership programmes. He is a highly sought after educator, speaker, psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher.

Dr Greg completed the Hoffman Process in 2017 and found it very enriching as part of his ongoing personal and professional development.




rita haque

Msoc SC, Global Leadership Coach, Life and Health Coach & Counsellor

Rita Haque

Rita is a recognised advocate of personal and corporate transformation, who has brought the Hoffman Process, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Barrett’s Corporate Transformation Tools to Singapore.

She is a Change Consultant, with a Masters in Social Science (Counselling) and is a certified Cognitive Behavioural and Wellness Coach, who is known to take people and organisations to their potential in record time, with both passion and compassion.

Her diverse Corporate leadership position, arms her with the depth of knowledge, experience and empathy to be a Leadership, Life and Wellness Coach. She is a speaker on international Conferences and has coached numerous leaders from USA and Asia. Her own consultancy, Fong Haque & Son was sold to advertising conglomerate TWBA after only three years of growth.



Dr Kit S. NG, PHD

Director, The Center for Psychology, Singapore

Dr Kit S. NG, PHD

I have come to know about the Process 15 years ago since I came back from the US to practice therapy in Singapore. I have also referred quite a few clients to experience the Process and continue to be apart of their journey even after they graduation. I realize that the Process has a very strong and healing impact on those who has gone through it. The consistent feedback that I get back from clients who attended the Process is that “it changes them on a holistic level”. “It is a renewal of my inner life” was another description from my client.



sabreena andriesz

Psychotherapist & Leadership Coach

Sabreena Andriesz

Attending the Hoffmann Process in 1997 was a significant milestone in Sabreena’s development, which catalyzed her integrative approach to her work and life.

She is passionate about partnering her clients to reach their true potential and she does this through three avenues of expression; recovery, actualization and leadership as modes for mindful living. Sabreena is an ICF credentialed Executive Coach and qualified Psychotherapist holding a Masters Degree in Social Science (Counseling), Master NLP Practitioner, NGH certified Hypnotherapist and Craniosacral Therapist.

She has been based in Singapore for the past 20 years, joyfully expressing her life’s purpose through her work.

leonardo talpo

Relationship Counsellor for Family & Work

Leonardo Talpo

Working independently in his own practice, Leonardo has several years of experience as an educator and counselor in the field of Human Relationships in the Family and at Work. Since 2004 he has seen many couples and Individuals in his counselling room, and he delivers several Soft Skills training for Corporate Junior and Senior managers in the area of Communication, Relationship & Team Bonding.

Leonardo firmly believes that family and work life cannot be looked as two separate things. His vision is to create a bridge between family and work for a more fulfilling personal life and for a more motivated, committed, engaging and productive workforce. For this reason he has decided to bring his Counselling and Coaching’s knowledge in the Corporate world as well.



toni catford


Toni Catford

“The Process has been life changing for me. Never before have I worked so deeply to extract the pain from my past, acknowledge it and move through it to finally feel whole, to accept myself and to start loving myself well. The Process opened the door to me becoming a counselor. I was able to, at last, be open to the emotions of others, engage empathy and connect at a level I had only hoped for.”

Toni has been working as a counselor in private practice for six years specialising in relationship counseling. Toni is a Clinical member both the Counselling Association of South Australia and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.