With a ratio of 8 participants to one facilitator the Hoffman Process provides the time and space to address each participant’s issues with a very individualized approach, in the domains of career, relationships, self leadership, parenting and our spiritual being.
Established in 14 countries, this week long residential course has been found highly effective as both an educational and healing program. A 2012 International survey of 2,497 participants showed:

  • 97% of H.P. participants said they were better equipped to deal with lifes’ difficulties.
  • 83% found they had better relationships with themselves and others.
  • 80% found greater enjoyment of life after the Process.
  • 89% found increased compassion for their parents.

The Hoffman Process is in line with recent and mainstream scientific disciplines and its techniques and overall structure has been independently researched.

  • Gain better personal relationships
  • Renew enthusiasm for life and vitality
  • Develop more and more effectiveness at work
  • Increase emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self-confidence
  • Relief from anger and depression
  • Find compassion and forgiveness for self and others
  • A better understanding of loved ones
  • A greater spiritual identity
  • A clearer sense of purpose and Spirituality
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Love
  • Greater emotional resilience
  • Healing breakdowns with parents
  • More meaning in life
  • Higher levels of vitality
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Overcoming ‘social phobias’

Take the personal assessment test to see whether the Process is for you…. Or book in for a one on one private consultation to explore with a trained enrolment counsellor how your behavioural patterns are creating your current life issues and start to understand the origins of these from a ‘family of origin’s’ perspective.

Please feel free to take these tests or book a free consultation with one of our facilitators

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