A universal leadership problem is that most leaders are focussed on themselves and on achieving results, rather than on the motivations and well being of their team or employees. This problem becomes obvious in interactions with others – when you become frustrated with your people, when you want your employees to change or your colleagues to change or you want the board to change – the preferred solution in each case here is for ‘others’ to change.

A leader needs to be effective. A leader’s power starts and ends with them selves – what they think, what their values and ethics are (which inform us unconsciously all the time) what they feel, do or communicate and their communication style.

Taking responsibility for the issues of leadership beyond ‘wanting others to change,’ there is only one true leadership position. Before you can expect others to change, you must first change and demonstrate this change authentically. You must also become the kind of leader that is capable of facilitating that change in others. As a leader, we need to be able to stand in the authority of our own knowing and at the same time be open to listen and engage with the rest of the team.

The way we define Authentic Leadership

  • Leadership is about influencing others through relationship
  • Leadership is about inspiring others to participate
  • Leadership is about unconditionally caring for and valuing others
  • Leadership is about focusing on, engaging with and awakening others to own their potential

It is through others that we become leaders.

The key distinctions in leadership include:

  • Pioneering a new path or direction, developing a new way of being and creating a meaningful and intentional vision for others to follow
  • Collaboration in co-creating shared sets of values that support us all on a new path
  • Demonstrating Integrity; being as good as your word, honest and fair minded
  • Communication; capturing the hearts and minds of others with precise, engaging and compelling words and meanings
  • Contribution; giving of yourself to others, serving from the organisations principles
  • Being Authentic; being and behaving from your true self, without masks or personas
  • Leading Congruently; applying the organisation’s principles, walking your own talk

The Hoffman Process helps leaders to develop these qualities.


It is said that good leaders work well to produce outcomes within the established system but extraordinary leaders are poised to exceptionally lead the system to outcomes for the greater common good.

So what determines a good leader from an extraordinary leader?

Harvard’s world-renowned Kennedy School of Government (KSG) conducted a study that identified several qualities in people that displayed extraordinary leaderships skills. These qualities included; authenticity, vision, passion and heart based leadership. These are emotional and spirit based leadership qualities, which are not typically taught in university curriculum. However, development of these very qualities is the primary focus of the Hoffman Process.

The Hoffman Process (HP) is a truly unique, intensive psycho-emotional education program that approximately 90,000 people have participated in worldwide over the past 46-plus years. The HP is currently offered in 13 countries from around the world.

The Process is in line with recent and mainstream scientific disciplines and its techniques are in line with various evidence-based methods, such as cognitive behavior therapies, mindfulness and the latest emotional resilience techniques.

Many people in management and leadership roles may not even be aware that currently they are not utilising their full leadership capabilities. Certainly not through a lack of skill, intelligence or ambition but due to unresolved emotional issues stemming right back to early childhood. There is no shame in exposing this emotional baggage, as every human being is exposed to heartache, rejection and emotional pain in varying degrees at some point in their lives. What’s important is to identify these negative emotions that one may be harboring, in order to transform them. Thus enabling one to reach their full capacity as human beings.

The HP moves participants into the heart and soul of their own individual intrinsic capabilities where participants learn to stand in the authority of their own inner knowing. Developing this self-trust and inner knowing gives participants the confidence, awareness and capacity to lead themselves and others in extraordinary and innovative ways.
Of the 40 Harvard students that participated in the HP as a part of the Harvard KSG study, all reported that it enhanced their university studies and significantly developed their self-leadership capabilities. Further, several renowned scientists and well-known business leaders from around the world have provided testimonials on their own experience and appraisals of the HP.

Dr. Duncan Stewart’s endorsement:

My professional strength as a leader only blossomed after I completed the Hoffman Process in 2001, effortlessly allowing me to take on roles that had previously intimidated me. Not through a lack of intelligence or skills, just unresolved emotional baggage that corrupted every relationship at work, play and with family. I have since realized, that the release of my AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP required strong development of and connections between my intellect and most importantly my emotions. Greater control of reactivity and ego – with wisdom – are the characteristics of the best leaders. This requires processing of our ‘deep emotional reactivity with stuff’ that we all carry from our childhood. There is probably no better value approach to clear the decks for authentic leadership than the Hoffman Process. Skills development is trivial, shallow and unsustainable in comparison. “An unprocessed life is not worth living” could aptly be re-written as “an unprocessed life (with unresolved stuff causing damaging reactivity) is the major barrier to true leadership.” Anyone finding blocks in their leadership journey should consider the Hoffman Process as a powerful way to get to the root causes that undermine us daily. Once they are cleared, then we become the true leaders we can best be.


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Endorsement by Crystal Lim Leahy

Director, Centre for Future-ready Graduates National University of Singapore

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Mr Volker Krohn. I have known Volker for 7 years; as a personal client of his coaching business, as a business partner when Volker was the Co-head of Holistic Therapy at my previous business, Legacy Retreat where he was instrumental in designing and facilitating a 5-day holistic education programme and most lately, as a corporate service provider to my team at the National University of Singapore.

Volker is one of the most talented experts in the self development world that I have had the privilege of working with. He possesses a special gift of being able to identify key areas of development, strengths and challenges for individuals and teams and to gently guide them towards transformative change with great sensitivity and respect.

At Legacy Retreat, Volker was consistently given top scores by our clients who appreciated his ability to impart to them essential life skills such as self-awareness, empathy and overcoming limiting beliefs. Many of the Legacy Retreat clients declared that the coaching they received from Volker enabled them to make major life shifts towards happiness and effectiveness, and went on to do follow on programmes with Volker at the Hoffman Process, Australia.

In my current role as the Director of the Centre for Future-ready Graduates at the National University of Singapore, we engaged Volker to facilitate a 3 day workshop for a group of 22 University staff members. Volker did a masterful job in teaching basic self-awareness and emotional literacy principles and techniques to our staff and received very positive feedback on his effectiveness and communication skills.

I would highly recommend Volker as a master practitioner in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, personal development, coaching, corporate training, leadership and diversity issues. His perspective on key issues is always deep, profound and greatly impactful.

Best regards,
Crystal Lim Leahy
Director, Centre for Future-ready Graduates National University of Singapore

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