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Hoffman Process Review:
Transform Your Toxic Relationship Patterns

Ever feel like you are stuck in vicious cycles of toxic relationship patterns and hurting the ones you love most? Sure, you might go a few days without playing up, even weeks if you are lucky. But then your partner says or does something that just ticks you off. Maybe she makes you wait in the car longer than you expect. Maybe he is glued to a screen and once again you feel totally ignored and unloved. Usually, it’s something seemingly trivial like that, and off you go. You blow your lid. It’s about to get ghetto. You know what you are saying or doing is stupid and harming your relationship. Yet you can’t help it. The emotions are too strong. The worst part comes later – that horrible feeling of shame. It can hang around like a dark cloud for days. You can’t believe it happened again. Heck, there’s even an acronym for it: SSDD – Same Shit Different Day. Sound familiar? Well, it was a far too common scene in my life with my wife and kids.

Most of us accept the shit-cycle as an unavoidable part of life. But not me, I was sick of it and wanted to understand how to break out. So in July 2017, I did a 6½ day residential retreat called the Hoffman Process. The Process helped me understand what causes our negative patterns and how we can transform them. The retreat was a wonderful journey and it was also a bit ‘weird’, but more on that later.

By Phong Ho


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