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    volker krohn hoffman process directorOver the past 30 years, I have seen thousands of people from all walks of life benefit from the Hoffman Process. We receive regular referrals from therapists, counselors and other healthcare professionals. Below is just a selection of participants and industry experts’ comments on the Process. We hope you will join us for the most positive transformational experience of your life.
    Volker Krohn, Director, Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore since 1991.

    A Brief Overview of the Hoffman Journey
    The Hoffman Process is about separating the true self from all the conditioning between mother and father and surrogates and all the environmental impacts that we were exposed to. From this place where we have’de-identified’ from our patterns, we are then able to develop a meaningful connection to Essence; our Spirit. The Retreat continues on from where people have been resourced and have recognised; “yes I have patterns but I’m not my patterns”. In ‘The Retreat’, Hoffman Graduates look at the world and how they interact with themselves and with the world from that place. It’s a deepening of taking responsibility of what our more negative emotional passions are and also the fixations of our intellect; how we sometimes get so bogged down in certain fixations and that starts to ease off and you start to really understand it more from a perspective of personality type.

    The Hoffman Process

    People who choose to do the Hoffman Process come with a strong commitment to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. The Process significantly accelerates personal growth and participants report that over time, they are experiencing a fuller and more fulfilled life.

    Thousands of people have benefited from the Hoffman Process, including celebrities, doctors, therapists and counsellors, actors, musicians, highly successful business people and entrepreneurs, creative people, mothers, fathers, adult children of alcoholics, drug addicts and orphans to name just a few.

    The feedback we continually hear is how the Process changed people’s lives, how their close family members, friends and significant others witness the deep transformation that blossoms over time, a current that gently pulls them along to do the same.

    Transformation Backed by Science
    Over the past 50 years the Hoffman Process has been meticulously refined in collaboration with leading professionals from multiple disciplines including mental health, psychotherapy, spirituality and the human potential movement. A selection of healing modalities are incorporated into the program and held by highly skilled, qualified practitioners in a supportively structured, non-invasive culture.

    These modalities include experiential psychotherapy, family constellation, bioenergetics, Gestalt, emotional release, group therapy, joyful play, meditation, visualisation & journaling.

    ‘The Retreat’ – Advanced Integration for Hoffman Graduates

    5 Day / 4 Night Hoffman Graduates Retreat at lovely Byron Bay
    ‘The Retreat’ is an all-inclusive residential retreat offering an advanced integration training program for Hoffman Graduates. The Retreat utilises a powerful combination of the Hoffman Tools alongside Family Constellation work and the wisdom of the Enneagram.

    Hosted by Volker Krohn, MA Psych., Family Therapist and Director of the Hoffman Centre APAC/International and Jutka Freiman, Psych, Senior Hoffman Facilitator and International accredited Enneagram Trainer, Director of Advanced Program Design, this exciting program is imbued with more than 60 years of combined practise.

    Expect to expand your consciousness and develop your spiritual practice, transmuting the energy caught up in unconscious behaviour.

    These 5 days will enable you to transform, transcend and deepen into being and into the light. You will be guided into a deep engagement with the Enneagram system and will be able to locate your own Enneatype structure and the inherent gifts of your type. You can expect to be further supported on the spirit guided path through your life’s journey.

    hoffman process reviewsThe Retreat is the most spiritually enlightening and rewarding thing I have ever done.
    It has changed the lens on how I view and experience my life and given me a pathway to become my best self. I cannot describe the wonderful feeling I experiences and a real lightness from casting off some old tired beliefs and patterns.
    – Miles Mainwaring

    hoffman process reviewsThe Retreat takes HP and puts the toolkit and knowledge on steroids. The depth, the widening and the opportunity for personal transformation is a heroine’s journey and worth every moment of every precious day. The humanity of the teachers is testament to the quest for ongoing growth and life’s momentum. Go and GROW!
    – Bec Brideson


      • The Process: 7 nights accommodation at Sangurya Retreat Centre in Byron Bay
      • The Retreat: 4 nights accommodation at Sangurya
      • Rooms are residential twin-share*
      • All daily meals of delicious healthy food are included

    * A limited number of single rooms may be available; the single room surcharge is $740(Process)/$590(Retreat)incl. gst.

    NOTE: Prices & dates are subject to change. Full payment is due two weeks prior to course commencement.
    An Early Bird Discount is available for payments made in full 4 weeks prior to course commencement.

    Cancellation, Deferral and Refund Policy
    A $500 Process/$400 Retreat non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the ‘Course’ which applies to a specific Course date. If you change or cancel your Process/Retreat within 2 weeks of commencement, a $2750 Process/$2,200 Retreat fee is applicable. If you change or cancel your Process/Retreat within 1 week of Course commencement, the entire fee is forfeited. Exemptions are considered on medical grounds if a Medical Certificate is provided. All other date changes made outside of these specified periods, incur a $110 administration fee. For any questions, please call +61 3 9826 2133 or contact us by email.


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