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Thank you for completing our Relationship Questionnaire.
You seem to be quite well adjusted in your relationship and have a good level of self-awareness and ability to be congruent with your partner, as well as being able to make appropriate compromises together. However, you might like to further finesse your emotional intelligence and to find a deeper connection with your self and your partner. The Hoffman Process enhances your ability to be present to your different emotional needs and to be able to assert them with respect for self and your partner. It furthers your connection to your essence and allows you to bring spiritual qualities into your daily interaction within the couple relationship.

The Hoffman Process and the Advanced Training Program, The Retreat, can really assist you in changing your core beliefs in a safe environment with highly skilled professionals assisting you. Ask for a free consultation to find out how the Hoff Process can assist you. Or call for information on The Retreat.
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