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Thank you for completing our Relationship Questionnaire.
You have scored in the higher end. It appears that you more often than not tend to give up on yourself in order to not upset your partner. It shows that you are uncertain about the emotional security of your attachment to him/her and you tend to sacrifice your own needs in order to uphold the status quo. Having to repress your own authentic needs and feelings, usually creates resentment. Having to ‘walk on egg shells’ around the other and feeling powerless to confront the power differential usually makes us prone to suffer from depression and anxiety. Another tendency, after a period of accommodating, you suddenly leave and fall out of ‘love’ with your partner. You would need to learn how to be able to say ‘no’ (create personal boundaries) and still remain connected in your heart. 
The Hoffman Process specialises in helping participants to find the emotional resilience within to be able to manage relationships authentically with love.

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