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Thank you for completing our Relationship Questionnaire.
You have scored very high. It looks like you find it very hard to be your ‘authentic self ‘ in a relationship and suffer from a significant degree of co-dependency. This usually has its roots in low self-esteem and fear of being rejected and is usually founded in a negative self belief-system e.g. I am unlovable, I am bad, I will never be good enough, I am inadequate etc.
You were not born with these negative self beliefs but you have learnt it during your formative years in response to the emotional and behavioural culture of your family eg: parental neglect, being there but not being present, domination, being absent, enmeshment, verbal, psychological and emotional abuse etc. Because these are learned behaviours we can ‘un-learn’ them.

The Hoffman Process and the Advanced Training Program, The Retreat, can really assist you in changing your core beliefs in a safe environment, with highly skilled professionals assisting you. Ask for a free consultation to find out how the Hoffman Process can assist you. Or call for information on The Retreat.
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