Amanda Ahern – Senior Hoffman Process Facilitator 2016-11-08T21:16:39+00:00

“Completing the Hoffman Process, in 1989, was a marker in my life of profound change and growth. I actually grew up and became an adult. I am constantly amazed at how profound those changes are not only in myself but also in those whom I see going through the program.”

In 1990, Amanda started training as a Hoffman Facilitator with founder Bob Hoffman and during the last 30+ years of working professionally with groups and individuals, has uncovered the gift of being able to bring out the best in people. This is her passion and her purpose and she continues this work today teaching the Hoffman Process, Yoga, Creativity and Wellness Coaching and supporting those who are in a process of change.

Amanda has led groups for women ‘Meeting the Muse’, to inspire their creative potential as a means to creating a life of love, joy and realization. She was instrumental in developing the award winning community education program ‘Living Well Mentors’ in Logan Qld. Local women were inspired to take responsibility for their lives through her well researched and specifically designed Lifestyle Challenge. Over 30 of the women who attended the programs were then trained to take up leadership roles and offer their gifts to others in the community like – singing, art, flower arranging, massage, cooking, community services, movement and dance. Many of these programs are still in existence today.

Amanda has also trained with Robert Fritz Inc in USA in ‘Creating Results’, Corporate Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Health Coaching, Voice Dialogue Therapy and is a certified Svaroopa® Yoga Instructor and Embodyment® Yoga Therapist. Amanda practiced as a Postural Integration Therapist for many years and this has supported her in having a clear understanding of the physical conditions resulting from strongly held beliefs and unconscious conditioning. She is currently studying the Enneagram as a tool for personal transformation.

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