Kerri Chinner – Senior Supervising Facilitator 2016-11-08T21:16:39+00:00

Kerri is a Soul Coach, Mentor and Shamanic & Energy Medicine Practitioner. She has a Degree in Social Work and is an International Supervising Teacher of the Hoffman Process, teaching both in Australia and UK. She is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Therapist, Full Mesa Carrier and Graduate of the Light Body School of Energy Medicine, Certified Shamanic and Energy Medicine Practitioner and Assistant Teacher of the Light Body School, having studied & worked in Peru with the ancient healing practices of the Amazon & Andean Shamans. She is also a Certified Dying Consciously Facilitator, Qualified Somatic Bodywork Therapist and Animal Communicator. Kerri’ runs her own Online Healing and Mentoring Program. ‘Own Your Edge’ and is passionate about supporting women and men to remember who they truly are, to live without apology, to ‘own their edge’ and live as Co-Creators with the Divine.
She owns & operates her own holistic therapy practice, Inner Essence or meet her on Facebook

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