Marie Burrows – Senior Facilitator and Therapist 2016-11-08T21:16:38+00:00

“The Process has connected me to who I really am and has given me the knowledge of who I am not. My family has grown in a state of love since doing the process, in a way that no other therapy, workshop, meditation or book has ever given us. We now truly love our parents deeply. And best of all is the ability to experience self love.”

Marie utilises a vast array of training and experience in psychotherapy, primal therapy and other personal growth techniques, both as principal of Birthing Rites Australia ( and as a Hoffman Facilitator since 1990. Her techniques focus on ‘feeling our feelings expressively so we understand how our bodies carry shame and pain, to ultimately heal and create more love in our lives’.

The breadth and depth of Marie’s experience and dedication spans over 35 years; she has had an extraordinary amount of ‘hands on’ experience working with people across all walks of life in all kinds of life challenging situations.

Marie works tirelessly to empower people in their journey to dealing with past/present pain, shame, the birthing experience and parenting.

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