Rita Haque – Branding and Values Alignment Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Counselor 2018-07-03T22:23:08+00:00

Rita is a recognised advocate of personal and corporate transformation, who has brought the Hoffman Process, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Barrett’s Corporate Transformation Tools to Singapore.

She is a Change Consultant, with a Masters in Social Science (Counselling) and is a certified Cognitive Behavioural and Wellness Coach, who is known to take people and organisations to their potential in record time, with both passion and compassion.

Her diverse Corporate leadership position, arms her with the depth of knowledge, experience and empathy to be a Leadership, Life and Wellness Coach. She is a speaker on international Conferences and has coached numerous leaders from USA and Asia. Her own consultancy, Fong Haque & Son was sold to advertising conglomerate TWBA after only three years of growth.

To find out more about Rita visit www.haqecentre.com.

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