Please read the following Terms & Conditions and Process Ground Rules

If you have any questions before agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, please contact the Hoffman Office.

References in these Terms & Conditions to “The Hoffman Centre” or to “we”, “our” or “us” are in each case references to The Hoffman Centre. References to “you” or “your” are to you, the participant on the Hoffman Process (which we also refer to as “the Process” and “the course”). These Terms & Conditions are the exclusive basis for the contract between you and us. No other terms or conditions (whenever and however communicated), nor any amendment or addition to these Terms & Conditions, will apply unless agreed by a director of The Hoffman Centre in writing.

Attending the Process

Before starting the Process, we will ask you to complete a Confidential Enrollment Agreement (CEA) and a Hold Harmless form. This form requires you to confirm that all information in your Confidential Enrollment Agreement (CEA) is up to date and fully accurate.

Attendance is strictly conditional on you completing and signing the form before the start of the Process. Please note that if there have been any changes to your personal or therapeutic situation which, if known at the time would have led to us not accepting your application, we shall have the right to decide that you cannot attend the Process. If we don’t receive your Pre-Process documents in sufficient time before the course start date, we reserve the right to suspend your place on the course.

Confidentiality Agreement

You understand and agree that the Hoffman Process, including the post-Process weekend, is a private and personal experience for each participant. As such, you agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants and their remarks and actions, and you agree to keep all such information private and confidential.

You also agree to respect the confidentiality, identity and experience of any Hoffman participant worldwide. You undertake not to publish any person’s name in any media without their prior written consent. You accept that photography, video and sound recording are not permitted at the venue during the Process week.

Process Ground Rules

These rules are for your safety and to ensure that you, and the rest of the participants, gain the most from the course.

    • Drugs, alcohol and other mood altering drugs (legal or illegal) are prohibited for the duration of the course. You must notify us before the course commences of the use of prescribed medication.
    • For your own safety and the safety of others, it is a requirement of The Hoffman Centre that you do not take alcohol, or any recreational drugs to the Process venue, and you are not active in any eating disorders at any time during the Process. If you break this agreement, then you will be asked to leave the course.
    • Outside contact is not permitted, unless with prior arrangement. This includes phone calls, texting, and internet use. You will be asked to hand in your mobile phone(s) and other communication devices upon registration. A contact number has been given to you to pass onto friends and family. You will be informed of all calls/messages that we receive.
    • Rooms will be shared with up to two persons of the same sex. A limited number of single rooms is available for a surcharge upon request and subject to availability
    • Physical exercise, except as directed by us (or prescribed for medical reasons), is not permitted during the program. Please also refrain from bringing books or magazines and music to the course.
    • We ask that you refrain from regular meditative and/or prayer practices during the eight days of the Process. You are encouraged to resume your practices after the Process.
    • You agree to refrain from all sexual activity and sexual contact during the eight days of the Process.
    • You are responsible for your wellbeing, including getting sufficient food and sleep during the Process and taking any prescribed medicines on time. If at any time you feel unwell you are to let a member of Hoffman staff know, and they will give you the support that you need at the time.
    • You agree to inform the Hoffman Staff if you feel unwell at any stage of the course.

To benefit from this course, it is essential that you participate in all of its stages.

Copyright and Proprietary Materials

You understand and agree that all materials, concepts and information presented during the Hoffman Process whether orally or in writing, are the property of The Hoffman Centre (and in many instances are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office) and are protected by copyright, trademark and trade secret laws.

You agree not to reproduce, copy or otherwise duplicate such materials without the express permission of The Hoffman Centre.

You accept that materials presented in the Process are intended solely for use in the Process. You acknowledge that while you are welcome to benefit from the materials personally, and to express and share those benefits in all aspects of your life, you are not permitted to resell, modify and resell, and/or repackage and resell and /or rename and resell the materials.

You therefore agree not to use the materials or any part of them (either reproduced or modified) in connection with any seminar, training program, therapy, workshop, consulting or other business activity without the written consent of The Hoffman Centre.

You agree that this agreement supersedes any prior agreements you may have regarding the use of the materials, and that, if necessary, you will again obtain The Hoffman Centre’s written consent before using any of the materials. By signing the declaration at the end of these Terms & Conditions, you agree to be bound beyond copyright law.


You agree to indemnify The Hoffman Centre for any liability and cost which we may incur as a result of any breach by you of these Terms & Conditions (including, but not limited to, either of the previous two clauses headed “Copyright and Proprietary materials” and “Confidentiality Agreement”).

Limit of Liability
Our liability to you is limited to the course fee, which you have paid to us. We will not be liable for any other direct or indirect loss, cost or expense, of any nature, however caused. (This does not apply to liability for personal injury or death where that is caused by our negligence)


These Terms & Conditions, and the contract between you and The Hoffman Centre, are governed by Australian Law.
Booking Terms:


Prices quoted by us are inclusive of accommodation, tuition, meals, tools tutorial, follow up support calls, all course materials and GST. No refund will be made if you do not fully participate in this, for example if you do not require all meals or do not participate in the follow up calls.

Cancellation and refund policy

If you change or cancel your Process dates within 14 days of your agreed Process, a $2,500 + GST fee is applicable. If you change or cancel within 7 days of HQP commencement you forfeit the entire fee. (Exemptions are considered if a medical certificate is provided).

All other date changes made outside these specified periods incur a $100 +GST administration fee.

If you are asked to leave the Process for breaching these Terms & Conditions, or if you are in breach of our Process Ground Rules, no part of the Process fee will be refunded.

Policy for changing Process date
If you suffer from sudden ill health, or recent bereavement, please contact the Centre immediately in writing. Your course fee can be suspended until a suitable alternative date can be found. Refunds may be considered if a medical certificate is provided.

Cancellations and changes to courses by the Hoffman Centre
The Hoffman Centre will make every effort to provide the program agreed. However, we reserve the right to alter or cancel the venue or date of a Process, for any cause beyond our reasonable control. In the very unlikely event that a course is cancelled, you may transfer your registration to another course or receive a full refund of monies paid to us. Our liability will be limited to that refund and the Hoffman Centre will not be liable for any other direct or indirect loss, cost or expense, of any nature, however caused.
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