Anne Weatherston, August 2016

My Take Away: We are the children of our parents. Their limiting beliefs and our limiting beliefs. Unless we recognise and address these beliefs we will never be the person we were meant to be.

What I Received: The process has given me a much deeper understanding of the limiting beliefs. I recognise that I was repeating patterns of behaviour that I learned from my mother and father and in doing so, living a life of fear and fulfillment.

In recognising and confronting these patterns I am now on the path to becoming a stronger and happier person. I now feel equipped to act confidently from a position of respect for myself and also see the patterns that drive others. I am also reconnected with my emotional self and in doing so open the door to more joy and pleasure. The process will not only make me a happier more fulfilled person it will also make me a better leader who is more able to act through influence rather than control.”

How Would Others Benefit: I recommend this course to anyone who is facing a crossroads in their life. If you are feeling unfulfilled, either personally or professionally and have lost touch with who you are or where you are going, this process will help you unblock your path.