When my husband said that he wanted to go on the Hoffman Process and asked me to accompany him, I didn’t feel like I needed it in the least. I had a successful career, happy kids, a great relationship with my parents, and he was the one with the major problems. Or so I thought!

Well I was in for a real eye opener. The 8 days that I was on the Process turned out to be the most important time of my life. I learned self-awareness, how to take responsibility for my actions and my part in our relationship, what my vicious cycles were and how sneaky my bad habits were. Most importantly, the Process also made me realise that I was living a life that others expected of me, and not the life that I really wanted for myself!

I am very thankful that I got the chance to do the Hoffman Process with my husband Mark. Through seeing what his journey was like, I had a deep respect for his committment to change. When I saw how others perceived his strengths and gifts, it also made me appreciate those qualities I had sometimes taken for granted.