Bailey Ashley, May 2017

I found the process to be very confronting, so many of my patterns were overtaking my openness to complete the program and my willingness, shadowed by doubt but I stuck it out. I embraced being out of my comfort zone and trusted that this could actually work.

With the most amazing tutors and tribe, (my new found family) I found the resilience to keep moving forward. I was no longer broken; I started to feel a sense of happiness and joy. I was smiling. By day 4, I felt an undoubted change. I was enjoying living, enjoying being around people, conversing with people. I felt like me again. I was alive.

I actually can’t wait to embrace both my parents and tell them how much I love them. I can’t wait to hold my children and be playful again. I will be a better mum from this day forth and will continue to work.

I have purpose now, thank you to The Hoffman Team.