Dr. James Linklater Describes How Hoffman Enriched His Life


Mid-life is an ‘interesting’ time. On the surface, I appeared to have everything one might consider necessary for a successful life: a loving wife, two fabulous kids, a fulfilling career, a beautiful home, I even had a mid-life crisis car (1965 Karmann Ghia) and yet, I felt stuck, trapped even, in the relentless grind of this world of my own making. Adding to this grind was a family history of depression and the fear of the downward pull into the vortex of that black hole.

Luckily for me, some dear friends of ours who had done the Hoffman Process, mentioned it in passing as being an effective way to break out of limiting patterns. I booked into the Process that night.

Now I am not a ‘personal growth’ kind of guy, but there was something deep in my gut that told me, it was time to shake things up a bit. So off I went… full of trepidation and resistance and, thankfully, it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Hoffman was the trajectory shift I needed and gave me the foundation to evolve in a completely new way. Although I am still prone to workaholism, I have found a much healthier balance in my life.

My relationships with my wife and children have improved markedly – I am more honest, more authentic, more present and much more able to embody and model the qualities of a loving father/husband.

The beauty of embarking on this kind of ‘inner’ work is that everything in one’s life improves. Every opportunity – whether it be work, relationships, surfing or driving a mid-life-crisis car is imbued with a new sense of appreciation and engagement.

Thank you Hoffman Process.

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