Emily Witenden Shares Her Hoffman Experience Through Poetry


It is only a few months since Emily Witenden did her Process but the insights she experienced were deep and this beautiful poem she has generously shared with us is a reflection of her journey.


She stumbled through life
Feeling lost and alone
A wounded little bird
Confused to the bone

She questioned all things
Never feeling quite sure
What’s it all about?
What’s deep in my core?

She suffered in sadness
At odds with her mind
Searching for healing
In a form so unkind

For she believed the relief
Would come from outside
To all the ‘advice’
She tried to abide

Little did she know
The victim she played
The horrid tape reel
She lived and obeyed

The feelings of weakness
Of fear and of dread
The negative thoughts
She continually fed

Could only be tackled
From a place deep within
Where her thoughts and feelings
Were tangled with kin

Those she loved fiercely
Were in no way to blame
But indeed it was true
They affected her flame

Her innocence and knowing
Her ability to rise
Were unknowingly thwarted
By ancestral ties

A new perspective
On the suffering she felt
She threw herself in
And strapped on the belt

The roller coaster ride
She weakly embarked
Tense and afraid
She dove in to the dark
She opened her mind
What more could go wrong?
The wall had been hit
‘Twas time to be strong

And strong she was!
The bat did sway
She expressed emotions
Long hidden away

Her dark side revealed
Her patterns were ousted
Her commitment to heal
Could never be doubted

And deep in the depths
She could finally see
There was an option
A new way to be

A way of the light
Of spirit and love
Strength from the soul
To rise far above

She came out ALIVE
Independently strong
A new love for self
She’d lost for so long

She mended the war
Between child and mind
The child, she lives!!
It’s time to unwind

To let go of the struggle
Surrender to light
Rekindle the spirit
Make peace with the night

Love truer and deeper
Her mother and father
How lucky is she!
No other she’d rather

Alas the journey
Is not yet complete
She’s a work in progress
Just finding her feet

But wiser and stronger
Than ever before
I am woman
Now hear me ROAR!!

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