Hayley, Nov 2018

I came to the Hoffman Process when I came to the realisation I had been dulled by my domestics of the days and that my life had become something to endure and not to enjoy.

I had been physically unwell for several months but was so disconnected from being present in my body, present to my wants and needs and unaware and unable to articulate and express my feeling, that I did not see it as my body crying for help.

I can see now that I had been depressed for such a long time but not mastered the brave face and not only that but the funny valentine one too. I can see now that my anxiety was my feelings seeping out, desperate to the heard acknowledge know.

The Hoffman Process has given my spirit, my mind and my body connection and awareness to acknowledge my feelings and responses to others in  my world without the need to be reactive. I am able to become aware of my feelings as I feel them in response to my thoughts, interactions with others and expectations and to feel them in my body and now they connect together.

I have learnt how to react in genuine response to other people, not my perception or interpretation but with awareness and genuine connection. I also take away a profound compassion for myself, an empathy for past mistakes a curiosity for future relationships with the people that I love and a profound sense of connection of my thoughts, emotions, spirit and body, a feeling of being, living within myself for the first time. It is in the quiet that we can hear the good and the bad  and with space have the grace to feel and act with intent.