Ian Buchanan

I attended the Hoffman course in April 2000 in Melbourne. The experience was for me a very positive one. I am writhing this letter to share may experiences in order that you might, in turn, share them with others who are considering attending and who, like me, may know little of what to expect.

I signed up for the Hoffman course by my wife following a motorcycle crash in March, the latest in a long line of illnesses, which formed a pattern in my life. Beyond the limited feedback from friends who had previously attended, I knew little about the Hoffman Process and was not at all convinced that this was a commitment of time I could afford.

Today, eight months after the course, I can confidently say that for the Hoffman course was one of the most important learning experiences of my life. It helped me to achieve substantially greater self-knowledge and personal insight; to recognise and change behavioural patterns, which I was not fully conscious of; and to enhance my confidence in my ability to use the tools learned in the course to make continuing changes going forward.

While the course is intense and demands full commitment from each participant to realise the benefits – the results for me have clearly justified the investment. If you are on a person quest for greater insight and self knowledge, and if you are willing to embark on an accelerated pace of change, it is likely that the Hoffman Process will prove to be of substantial value to you.

Volker keep up the good work!