Jane MacDonald Shares Her Hoffman Experience


“My Hoffman Process in January 2012 was a fundamentally transformative experience. Before Hoffman, I was defensive if my own negative patterns were pointed out to me, and reactive when confronted by negative patterns in other people. The Process gave me rich gifts of insight, understanding and forgiveness of myself and others.

Most of all, it was an experience of ‘coming home’ and joyful reconnection with my own inner wisdom, allowing me set sail on the rest of life with my ‘moral compass’ re-set and working well for me. My relationships with friends and family have deepened and become more open, loving and rewarding.

Previously a science teacher, I entered the world of pastoral care, student support and leadership in 2014. In my new role, I discovered that, to be present to another vulnerable human spirit is to enter a sacred space. I wanted to learn more about this healing gift of presence, which I had experienced in the Process and afterwards, in my own psychotherapy. My enquiries led me first to Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy workshops, and then, at the end of 2017, I took two years’ leave from my teaching job in Tasmania and moved to Sydney to become a full-time student.

Right now, I am close to completing a Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy in Sydney, and I have also started Hakomi professional training. I have had a wonderful adventure, making new friends, living in a share house and continuing the amazing learning journey that began with Hoffman. As I head back to Tasmania in a few weeks’ time, I am thankful that I had this chance to immerse myself in the cascade of discovery, deepening understanding, wisdom and, indeed, light and love that has transformed my life in the years since my Hoffman Process. Thank you, Craig, Volker and all at Hoffman Australia!” Thank YOU Jane.

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