Jill Lacina Talks Hoffman and Love


Jill who is a Qoya teacher, digital marketing whizz, Experiential Astrology Facilitator & Hoffman Graduate talks about how the Hoffman Process

I did my Hoffman Process in August 2017. At the time I was a techie freelancer in the middle of a divorce and a dear friend suggested that I do the Process. She raved about Hoffman. I was skeptical. I had already done work on my relationship with my parents – and wasn’t I just a little too old to keep blaming them for things?

Then she said something that made me pay attention. She suggested that I do it now in order to be more resourced for the duration of the divorce process. At that point, I was exhausted and feeling frayed. The thought of having more emotional stamina available to me felt like a really good idea – for myself, my children, and even, for my-ex.

It’s easy to come to something like the Hoffman Process with the idea and hope to be ‘fixed”. What I’ve learned through the Process and the modalities I’ve studied since is that there is no end game. I can continue to grow in many ways. Not as a “fix” but as a way to know myself more deeply and come to love all the parts I find – especially the really tricky ones.

During the Process, I was able to tap into and own my anger and the deeper expression of that, which was grief for the life I was no longer going to have. The Process was a springboard and permission slip to meet those demons head on.

Being able to disarm the blocks of shame built up throughout my life has been the biggest personal liberation. I can identify them and know when they are beginning to run the show. That awareness has helped me deepen my relationships in such profound ways. It is an always evolving skill but the freedom and self compassion I feel now has truly changed the way I view the world.

The Process has opened up the possibility that life can be a much richer experience – more love, more openness, more depth, and much more spirit. Two years on and I now have a really beautiful loving relationship.

What did Hoffman open up for me? The pathway of loving myself enough so I could open to love another again.

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