John Pead, Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne

The Hoffman Process is a brief, highly intensive and residential group psychotherapy of eight days duration it compromises tightly integrated mainstream interventions drawn from psycho-education, prolonged imaginal exposure and somatic work.

Based on my own direct participation, it focuses on dismantling developmental defenses, reducing shame and self-loathing, and uniquely has a highly compelling vision of unconditional self-love. The Process is appropriate for adults with anxiety, depression and dysthymia of moderate severity. Consistent with other effective approaches it doesn’t make false claims of cures.

However, engagement and hope are especially promoted because it compresses the work of many individual consultations into one eight day period. The practitioners are well qualified and experienced and follow highly ethical and documented processes. Screening and approval is routinely required of practitioners of people already in mental health care.

The cost is equivalent to around 20 standard consultations which represents good value given that few people drop out prior to completion. Follow-up sessions are available in person and by phone where people do not already have their own practitioner.

I have no financial or other vested interest in the organization whatsoever.