Leonardo Talpo, Relationship Counsellor, Singapore

It all started in 1998, I was 46 years old, the right age to look in the mirror and revisit my life. I was already divorced one time, my second marriage was shaking and the relationship with my already grown-up children was not really healthy either; without considering after few months’ time I would had become grandfather for the first time.

Cornered as I was I had to make a choice, either becoming a victim or more responsible. I chose the latest and the Hoffman Quadrinity Process was the best option I thought I had. I was right, because that was the start of a new life. The process was not the miracle, but what I got from it helped me to create my miracle. I changed my life!

Yes it takes time to process all the learning, the insights. It takes endurance, hard work because at the end is not about what happen in life, but what we do with what is happening. The worst feeling is not to know what to do, the feeling of being prisoner in my own brain. Well, that is what the Hoffman Process gave me, the key to open the cage.

Sometimes it was scarring out of the cage, but I had a new awareness, a new strength inside, a big hope, and with trust, courage and the help of God I changed my life. Since I started my new profession as Counsellor, I have been referring clients to the Hoffman Process in a regular basis because I believe it makes a difference.