Matthew Chun, Melbourne 2018

When I came to the Hoffman process, I was not entirely sure that it was the right course for me. I was having problems with my relationships and whilst I was not depressed, I was not experiencing joy.

I had a very pleasant childhood and loved my parents deeply, so, was unsure how events in my childhood could have negatively impacted me to end up in my situating. But what Hoffman discovered for me was that both consciously and unconsciously, I have felt a need to repay Mum and Dad for my childhood and that has led to deep issues around my inadequacy as a human being.

This unconscious feeling of inadequacy has lead me to adopt a range of negative behaviours that have negatively impaired myself and my relationships throughout my life.

The Process has not only identified this negative pattern, it has equipped me with tools to help break the cycle. Whilst at the same time, freed me from the enormous guilt I have carried for the death of my brother. I am excited to move into the next step of my life, being guided by my essence and living my life with a full loving heart.