Author Polly McGee on Her Hoffman Experience


I remember vividly The Hoffman Process appearing at a time I felt like that person in the movies who is hanging off a crumbling cliff face, their fingers beginning to slip. The Process was the sturdy rope that was thrown to my rescue so I could climb back to stable ground.

I was quite aware at the time that I had put myself over the cliff edge by degrees (of which I had a few). I was burnt out from striving, from overachievement, from the desperate search for approval, and ultimately sick to death of my truly first world problems feeling so painful. The Hoffman Process shone a light of transformation when I was ready to change. 5 years later, i’m still singing its praises from the top of that mountain peak.

Hoffman handed me the tools to excavate my toxic grief and emotion. That allowed me to do me, clean clear, and separate fact from childhood wound based fiction. Most importantly i’m present, loving and in service to others, not consumed by my own internal monologues. Post Hoffman, I could single pointedly focus on getting shit done for the right reasons, not so the world could see me.

And get shit done I have. Two books published, thousands of lives impacted, a profound spiritual homecoming and now the challenge of building and scaling a global edtech startup of my own. Of course life isn’t all positivity memes and flattering filters, but I am so awake and alive to it all, and so very grateful every day for those Hoffman seeds that continue to grow and sustain me to be and do the change I want to see in the world.

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