Robert Lightbody, April 2017

The most amazing gift for me of the Hoffman Process was the ability to connect with other people free of judgement or agenda. The identification of my layers of defences, which had prevented this before, and expression work to shift them was so beautiful. I found I could be myself with people without shame, guilt or self-doubt, without illusions of the world clouding. I shifted my dork depreciating behaviour, superiority and toxic shame beliefs around my self worth and accepted self love – gave myself permission to be in the light to be of the light.

The patters or behaviour traits I had learnt and accepted as my own self from both my father and my mother kept me in a state of self-denial, avoidance of emotional honesty and constantly under threat, in defence feeling only the need to prevent being hurt to push others away to control and dominate by fear. The Hoffman Process required me to force down those walls to express fears and to access my emotional world. Once I started to express my pattern resistance, my new emotional child self was exposed to the light and able to grow, to mature and to escape my fear/shame prison.

I had always blamed my fathers anger and had not fully considered the negative love patterns of my mother. The Process was very powerful in revealing the combined effects of my parents on me and the setup of negative traits me. This reveal was then combined into a gradual but lasting shift through compassion and forgiveness toward new behaviour. This is possible by accepting the truth of my self, my essential self, my spiritual self, my connection to the light of the universe.

The meditations and reflective tasks enabled me to discover knowledge and feeling of who I am and where my life could be on the right track toward a positive loving existence.

I feel safe and in control of my path through life in a whole other way – a complete perspective shift. I am able to move with change to be in the moment to actively engage with my partner, friends and family with emotional honesty and no judgements. There are still frustrations and disagreements but these do not consume me or dominate my life. I do not fear what might be, I live in the moment, aware of my life now, seeing, listening and speaking with open intentions and positive love to others. I have set aside my defences and reasons to embrace change and an unknown future with the joy of discoveries to come and a knowledge of my true self.