Acting Teacher Sancia Robinson “It Completely Changed My Life”


Actor, Writer and Acting Teacher, Sancia Robinson, did the Process in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. “The Hoffman Process was a case of “right course right time” for me. It completely changed my life. I feel more present, more rounded as a person, more capable of action and most importantly, I am happier being me.”

“I didn’t go to the Hoffman for a haircut! I went to get tools to change and wake-up – and over the past year that is exactly what my focus has been. As powerful as those 6 days were, it is the ongoing practice and application of the tools that really makes the difference. I actually have to show up and use these tools if I want change to happen – and it has – slowly – but very surely.

“This has been really evident to me in my work with young actors. I am able to be much more present with them now and that allows them a truly safe space in which to really inhabit their creativity. I was always a bit concerned about getting it “right” and was I “good enough” and now I just focus on ‘seeing’ them and ‘hearing’ them from this much deeper place – and they sense that. It liberates them, it’s definitely liberated me – I am a much better teacher as a result of this inner work.”

Sancia Robinson

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