Sarah Begley, Orthopaedics, Black Forest Australia


Firstly, I take away a hug amount of gratitude. Every single person who has participated, facilitated, cooked or organised in this journey has contributed to my growth.

I have been able to identify patterns and behaviours, understand there origin and let them leave my life. For those that. Have not yet identified, I trust that I am equipped with the skills to manage them. I will be able to have a new way of communicating with my husband – one with self-responsibility and compassion.

My spirit, self-love, and self-belief has been ignited within me. I will go forward open to more joy and love.

I will love my children in a new way, one that makes them feel seem and understood. I believe who can see they may have repeating issues in their life, will benefit from the Hoffman. Anyone searching for deeper joy or needing self-compassion. Anyone who feels they want to get more out of life!!