Inhaling Life with Stephanie Russell


Yoga teacher, seeker and all-round gorgeous woman, (and recent Hoffman Process graduate), Stephanie Russell, shares her journey….

“It’s only been a couple of months since I apprehensively journeyed across the country to take a deep dive into myself via the Hoffman Process.
I could never have conceptualized how potent the Process would be for me and all my relationships, nor could I have imagined the life enhancing blossoming that has occurred so swiftly since.

The Process had been suggested to me a few years earlier by a Mentor but my intellect had been persistently sceptical about whether one intense, expensive, ‘experiential’ week of inner work could be as incredible as all the graduate testimonials claimed.  I had become an expert at qualifying why I did not need to do the Process and at persuading myself that I had already done more than enough probing into my family of origin dynamics.

Life events over the past two years had brought me to my knees repeatedly.  Firstly, due to the sudden unexpected death of my father and our complex relationship, then due to the growing realisation of being in a rapidly dying long term relationship, and finally I was asked not so politely to leave a workplace which I had given all of my energy to for the past 5 years.  When I was on my knees again finally making the call to register for the next available Process, I was also acknowledging at 46 that I needed some major personal transformation, and I needed it now!

Taking an enormous breath in, I decided to commit wholeheartedly to the Process, whilst the week was undeniably arduous, verging on torturous at times, I could not also have felt more nurtured & supported through the week, nor could I have ever imagined where the Process would lead me.  It took me back in time into long forgotten memories and long stored beliefs about myself which I had both not wanted to look at and had not even contemplated looking directly at.  Every day the layers of conditioning were stripped away, the negatively shrouded perceptions of reality were released with vigour and every day I was surprised & inspired by the depth of the unravelling which was occurring not only in me, in everyone on the Process journey with me.

The whole week played out like an exquisite orchestral concert which can take everyone willing on an unforgettable journey through the entire bandwidth of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual frequencies from despair to bliss and every thought-feeling in between.  The Process has left me feeling continually moved by authentic gratitude for every single event and circumstance that has occurred throughout my whole life, not to mention awe in all the heartening changes and manifestations that have arisen in my life since, plus genuine trust in always being guided and supported from within and all around.

Above all the Hoffman Process brought me into connection with 21 of the most incredible people from around the globe all with their own uniquely bitter-sweet beautiful life stories.  The Process connected us deeply, teaching us the power of connection to ourselves, to others and to being on spiritual life quest to learn to inhale life ever more deeply every single blessed day of our lives.

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