Tim Kirkness, Consulting Engineer, Kilaben Bay Australia


My entry into the Hoffman Process was as a total emotional cripple as well as being uneducated in an ordinary sense. I had no emotional awareness and was totally ignorant of any emotional vocabulary while definitely being a meat and 3 veg consumer.

The emotional deficit combined with a deep sense of worthlessness and isolation from my family reinforced by workaholism and perfectionism. My marriage was at its lowest point of 46 years, and I truly know that I was affecting my wife’s health because of the agony and intense sadness that wad impacting her. Also, I know that I had neglected my 3 daughters.

Jump ahead 6 days…

I am now well along the path to a total turnaround. I have removed the issues of my unworthiness and other patterns to my family. I have found my inner joy and specifically my inner child (he is a delight). My greatest discovery is my untapped emotional side, however to develop an emotional vocabulary is only a “work in progress”.

I now have a clear understanding of the sources of my feelings, unworthiness and abandonment, as well as intense competitiveness.

The tools used and recommended to me are “gold”, sufficient to say now I that have rescued myself (and love myself) as well as my marriage and my 3 gorgeous daughters. I leave with optimism and a warm inner glow for my future.