Zoe Coyle Walks her Talk on Transformation


I did the Process some years ago, and it was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life. I think of it as a wild, life-enhancing gift.

Existential pain swept me to sea in my adolescence. To stay afloat, I sought out literature, art, meditation, therapy, isolation, religion, judgment and numbing… yet the Hoffman was where I finally learnt to put my agony down. It was a golden miracle akin to having the sunrise for the first time.

Since the Process, my life has flourished. I mean no hubris here, I still hurt and fumble often, but I live from a place of greater wonder, gratitude and increased clarity. I’ve had a much adored 4th child. I’ve found the courage to fulfil my lifelong desire to write a novel. I’m a better parent, a less reactive & more present wife, a more playful friend, a less needy sister, and a more compassionate daughter. Through working the Process, I’ve opened the front door to courage, vulnerability and wholeheartedness.

Post Hoff I became more definite about what delivered me meaning, so I set a new tone for my company Pilot Light. I decoupled from a dryer, cerebral landscape and by incorporating the work of Brene Brown, Ken Robinson, David Whyte, Susan Cain and many others, I now run workshops exploring themes as diverse as wholehearted leadership, toxic masculinity, vulnerability & shame, feedback, storytelling, kindness & body language. You see the through line yes? It doesn’t matter if I’m working at Google, with refugees, or a start-up, it’s all the same work, that of self-inquiry & self-awareness, which when undertaken enables better connection. And that’s where meaning and peace reside for me. I want to live truthfully, joyfully and compassionately. I want to live wide awake. The Hoffman took me by the hands and showed me the way.

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