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‘The Retreat’ Level 1 – Advanced Integration

“Now almost two years on after doing the process, followed by the Advanced Retreat 6 months later and looking back at the experience – it seems that the Process was like a cauldron, a boiling pot where a multitude of issues came to the surface to be recognised and the Retreat was a place of consolidation and understanding of where to move next.
The Process was a building of tensions and energy like a boiler building up with pressure and the Retreat was the rocket launch which sent me off on my new path with a clearer direction.”

David Wiles

‘The Retreat’ Level 2 – Further Deepening

“Every Hoffman program I have experienced has been inspiring and incredibly valuable for me to have a balanced serene life. The advanced program was wonderful for me – incredible inspiring participants who taught me again the awe of standing in another person’s shoes (and several will be life long friends), wise and loving mentors – Volker and Jutka, a program which helped me feel my full life force, and practical life experience which helped me to set simple activities to help transform my life and relationships. Every program has fundamentally surprised me in the insights I have gained, which seem so obvious when they arise that I know they are true. Thank you so much for helping me find myself and sustained joy.”

Love Jonathan

Retreat Level 1 & 2 are an extraordinary addition to the Process and I highly recommend it to any Hoffman graduates. It is indeed a further deepening into the very ground of being. Jutka and Volker have such a wealth and depth of experience. They guided us all with such love into a deep exploration of our Enneagram type and subtypes and those unconscious needs and instincts that drive us all. The clarity and insights into my personality structure was profound. I came away feeling clearer and lighter than ever. More tools, more insights, more presence. WOW. Thank you.

Anne Looby