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The Hoffman Process was the initiation – we have faced the consequences of our family of origin and we are now ready to take responsibility for the creation of our own lives.

‘The Retreat’ is an opportunity to expand the work of the Process, into a deeper understanding of your character and personality and how the “Darkside” fixations and negative passions of the “Emotional Child” obscure your Essence.

During ‘The Retreat’ we will utilise a variety of new and sophisticated modalities, including somatic work, emotional release work, creative inquiry and deep meditations. The program will also include profound contemplative practice and relaxation.

We will move the focus from discovering the source of your patterns (mum & dad), to the present reality and how those patterns interfere with ALL the relationships in your life today and prevent you from living your potential and vision.

We will introduce the ancient and dynamic personality system of The Enneagram, to further aid in distinguishing how your particular “driving emotional energy” and the “perpetual filter” of your intellect can be redefined into 1 of 9 particular character types.

Knowledge of the Enneagram helps determine what each type, yours & those in your world pay attention to, and what motivates and directs energy, attitudes and behaviours in life. In understanding the design of the lock of your particular structure, the Enneagram helps you fashion the key, to set yourself free.

Once you have identified the particular nature of your trinity, we offer psycho-spiritual practices designed specifically for you, to embrace more fully, your Quadrinity. This frees up essential life energy, to move into a more integrated way of being and a deepening of spiritual connection and practice.

‘The Retreat’ will help participants to expand their consciousness into their Spirit and give a practice, to help transform the energy caught up in unconscious behaviour.

These three days will enable you to transform, transcend and develop your spiritual practice, deepen into being and into the light.

‘The Retreat’ is facilitated by Volker Krohn and Jutka Freiman.

Currently held monthly at Sangsurya, in beautiful Byron Bay in Northern NSW, Australia.

‘The Retreat’ is only available to Hoffman Process graduates – Couples welcome.

A $150 per head discount is available for groups of 5 or more booking & paying deposit at the same time (A great way for your Process group to come together again). Please contact us directly if you wish to place a group booking.

If you are a Hoffman Graduate and would like to find out more about ‘The Retreat’ please contact us or if you’d like to enroll, please do so below.

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“Now almost two years on after doing the process, followed by the Advanced Retreat 6 months later and looking back at the experience – it seems that the Process was like a cauldron, a boiling pot where a multitude of issues came to the surface to be recognised and the Retreat was a place of consolidation and understanding of where to move next.
The Process was a building of tensions and energy like a boiler building up with pressure and the Retreat was the rocket launch which sent me off on my new path with a clearer direction.”

David Wiles
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