sangsurya resort byron bay ocean sunrise

View from Sangsurya Resort, Byron Bay

Sangsurya offers a secluded environment in which to relax with easy access to the cosmopolitan beach culture and award winning restaurants of Byron Bay.

Only three minutes drive to the centre of town, Sangsurya Resort is located on a tree-lined ridge on the outskirts of Byron Bay. It overlooks magnificent Tallow Beach with panoramic easterly views of the Pacific Ocean.

Featuring cottage-style uniquely designed guestrooms and a freshwater swimming pool, Sangsurya is nestled in a forested 10 acre subtropical property amongst landscaped gardens, palm trees, a myriad of bird life and walking trails, and is an ideal location for the whale watching season from May to October.

Sangsurya Resort has been voted as the Best Yoga retreat in Australia (Body and Soul Magazine), this warm and stylish venue will make your stay comfortable and nurturing.

Getting to Byron Bay

More detailed travel information will be provided when your Process or Retreat booking is confirmed

From Interstate
Virgin and Jetstar fly into Ballina and Gold Coast airports:

  • Ballina: 30 minutes by car / shuttle service
  • Coolangatta: 45 minutes by car / shuttle service

From Overseas

Flying into Brisbane
Brisbane (BNE) airport, is about 170km North of Byron Bay (3 hours’ drive). Alternatively, you can fly into Sydney or Melbourne and then fly into the Gold Coast or
Ballina and get an airport shuttle bus to Sangsurya.

Flying into the Gold Coast
If you are flying from Singapore, Scoot Airlines flies direct to the Gold Coast, then you can get an airport shuttle bus to Sangsurya. New Zealand also has direct flights from Auckland to the Gold Coast.

Ground Transport


Byron Bay Taxis
Tel: +61 2 6685 5008
Taxi to Sangsurya from Byron Bay town centre / bus station is approx. $15*

Ballina & Gold Coast Airport Shuttle

Xcede Shuttle Bus Transfers
Tel: +61 2 6620 9200
Provides door-to-door to Sangsurya.

Brisbane Airport Shuttle

Byron Easy Bus
Tel: +61 2 6685 7447
Provides door-to-door to Sangsurya.

Bus Services to Byron Bay from Brisbane

Premier Motor Service

Hoffman Process Venue – Sangsurya Retreat, 95 Old Bangalow Road, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Retreats in Byron Bay for Everyone

Our retreats in Byron Bay may change your life. Become aware of and diffuse or remove habitual negative beliefs and thought patterns. Connect with your authentic self and learn how to make conscious choices within life situations. Discover our verified personal development techniques.

The Importance of Our Byron Bay Spiritual Retreat

Childhood conditioning may have lifelong behaviour, habit, and mood consequences. Attend a spiritual retreat to experience well-documented, quantifiable therapeutic outcomes, reduce your depression and anxiety levels and set the real you free.

  • The Process enables you to make considerable life changes by working on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels in safe and supportive Byron Bay surroundings. Move from childhood anger, resentment and pain towards forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.
  • We combine proven techniques such as expressive work, guided visualisations, and journaling to lead you through a meticulously structured series of evocative experiences. Uncover, isolate, and put an end to unconstructive conditioning and regain your natural self-esteem and confidence during your week-long seclusion.
  • Undertake our free online self-assessment to help you determine whether our wellness retreat will suit you. Your replies to the questions about where you lack choice in your life help us assign the appropriate enrolment counsellor to speak to you during your free consultation.

View our available Byron Bay wellness retreat dates and early bird offerings. We also recommend our free online relationship test to help you find out more about yourself.

Why You Should Invest in the Byron Bay Wellness Retreat

How is it possible for people to undergo such intense and powerful life alterations with the help of the Byron Bay spiritual retreat team in such a short space of time? How does one explain the turnaround attendees experience after being in contact with the Hoffman Process for one week?

  • Dr J.W. Wilson, Executive Director of the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI), Canada, has undertaken genetic and neurological research concerning behaviour and learning change for more than 30 years.
  • We asked him to describe the science behind it. He explains that we have approximately 7000 genes in charge of our brain functions plus above a hundred neuro-modulators that work together in complex ways. All interact with each other and direct our behaviours, feelings, actions and thoughts.
  • Your experiences, relationships, and environment established your brain structure, which controls your brain functions. They are difficult to change as – from a biological perspective – information does not bring about transformation.

Dr Wilson has concluded that the Hoffman Process changes your brain by altering the neurons, dendrites, and receptor sites, altering your feelings and conduct.

Why You Should Use the Hoffman Process

Enter our ingeniously and methodically designed Hoffman Process to attain a metamorphosis. We target and dissolve the brain structures that interfere with your serenity and relationships to biologically lay down new neurological configurations that help you feel, interact and be different, creating a new you.

Contact us and explore the Hoffman Process; you won’t regret it.

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