volker krohn hoffman process directorOver the past 30 years, I have seen thousands of people from all walks of life benefit from the Hoffman Process. We receive regular referrals from therapists, counselors and other healthcare professionals. Below is just a selection of participants and industry experts’ comments on the Process. We hope you will join us for the most positive transformational experience of your life.
Volker Krohn, Director, Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore since 1991.

Hoffman In Action

Dr. James Linklater Describes How Hoffman Enriched His Life

Mid-life is an ‘interesting’ time. On the surface, I appeared to have everything one might consider necessary for a successful life: a loving wife, two fabulous kids, a fulfilling career, a beautiful home, I even had a mid-life crisis car (1965 Karmann Ghia) and yet, I felt stuck, trapped even, in the relentless grind of this world of my own making. Adding to this grind was a family history of depression and the fear of the downward pull into the vortex of that black hole.

Luckily for me, some dear friends of ours who had done the Hoffman Process, mentioned it in passing as being an effective way to break out of limiting patterns. I booked into the Process that night.

Now I am not a ‘personal growth’ kind of guy, but there was something deep in my gut that told me, it was time to shake things up a bit. So off I went… full of trepidation and resistance and, thankfully, it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Hoffman was the trajectory shift I needed and gave me the foundation to evolve in a completely new way. Although I am still prone to workaholism, I have found a much healthier balance in my life.

My relationships with my wife and children have improved markedly – I am more honest, more authentic, more present and much more able to embody and model the qualities of a loving father/husband.

The beauty of embarking on this kind of ‘inner’ work is that everything in one’s life improves. Every opportunity – whether it be work, relationships, surfing or driving a mid-life-crisis car is imbued with a new sense of appreciation and engagement.

Thank you Hoffman Process.

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dr james linklater hoffman process
Dr. James Linklater

Author Polly McGee on Her Hoffman Experience

I remember vividly The Hoffman Process appearing at a time I felt like that person in the movies who is hanging off a crumbling cliff face, their fingers beginning to slip. The Process was the sturdy rope that was thrown to my rescue so I could climb back to stable ground.

I was quite aware at the time that I had put myself over the cliff edge by degrees (of which I had a few). I was burnt out from striving, from overachievement, from the desperate search for approval, and ultimately sick to death of my truly first world problems feeling so painful. The Hoffman Process shone a light of transformation when I was ready to change. 5 years later, i’m still singing its praises from the top of that mountain peak.

Hoffman handed me the tools to excavate my toxic grief and emotion. That allowed me to do me, clean clear, and separate fact from childhood wound based fiction. Most importantly i’m present, loving and in service to others, not consumed by my own internal monologues. Post Hoffman, I could single pointedly focus on getting shit done for the right reasons, not so the world could see me.

And get shit done I have. Two books published, thousands of lives impacted, a profound spiritual homecoming and now the challenge of building and scaling a global edtech startup of my own. Of course life isn’t all positivity memes and flattering filters, but I am so awake and alive to it all, and so very grateful every day for those Hoffman seeds that continue to grow and sustain me to be and do the change I want to see in the world.

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polly mcgee hoffman process
Polly McGee

Navin Amaras’ Take on The Hoffman Process

Everyone seems to have the best doctor, psychologist, housing agent… I’m totally guilty of this cognitive bias as well. When I first heard about this mysterious course out in Byron Bay, I skeptically rolled my eyes at the thought of spending a week of my life imprisoned with strangers that I didn’t know, in a country that was a few thousand miles away, on a program that no one would describe in any meaningful detail. Yep, must be a cult.

Thanks to the encouragement of two trusted friends, I eventually did take the leap and showed up, not just physically but with my entire heart and being. A week becomes a strange concept when you are with people that are deeply present, open-hearted and endlessly compassionate. I stopped being the person that I (subconsciously) was pretending to be, and let the Process tear the idea of me apart, laying bare old scars from childhood, stubborn habit patterns and the imprints that generations of ancestors have left on entire societies.

It’s tempting to say that this Process is a kind of wonder-drug, a tonic to solve all earthly ailments. Truth is, I will never be perfect – no one is. The self judgement is still there today in a softer form that it was, but now I can see how it shapes the way I see the people around me. I see the way it is inherited.  Pain is inevitable in life, but we have some agency in how we suffer, through discovering new ways of seeing. I have always loved the idea that through all our exploration, both of the world outside and the universe within, we arrive back where we started and see it with new eyes for the first time.

The Hoffman Process is a lens that is gifted to us through our effort, and hopefully we can help others, not through condescending words but through our action based on a flourishing wisdom and compassion.

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navin amaras hoffman process
Navin Amaras

Acting Teacher Sancia Robinson “It Completely Changed My Life”

Actor, Writer and Acting Teacher, Sancia Robinson, did the Process in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. “The Hoffman Process was a case of “right course right time” for me. It completely changed my life. I feel more present, more rounded as a person, more capable of action and most importantly, I am happier being me.”

“I didn’t go to the Hoffman for a haircut! I went to get tools to change and wake-up – and over the past year that is exactly what my focus has been. As powerful as those 6 days were, it is the ongoing practice and application of the tools that really makes the difference. I actually have to show up and use these tools if I want change to happen – and it has – slowly – but very surely.

“This has been really evident to me in my work with young actors. I am able to be much more present with them now and that allows them a truly safe space in which to really inhabit their creativity. I was always a bit concerned about getting it “right” and was I “good enough” and now I just focus on ‘seeing’ them and ‘hearing’ them from this much deeper place – and they sense that. It liberates them, it’s definitely liberated me – I am a much better teacher as a result of this inner work.”

Sancia Robinson

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sancia robinson hoffman process
Sancia Robinson

Zoe Coyle Walks her Talk on Transformation

I did the Process some years ago, and it was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life. I think of it as a wild, life-enhancing gift.

Existential pain swept me to sea in my adolescence. To stay afloat, I sought out literature, art, meditation, therapy, isolation, religion, judgment and numbing… yet the Hoffman was where I finally learnt to put my agony down. It was a golden miracle akin to having the sunrise for the first time.

Since the Process, my life has flourished. I mean no hubris here, I still hurt and fumble often, but I live from a place of greater wonder, gratitude and increased clarity. I’ve had a much adored 4th child. I’ve found the courage to fulfil my lifelong desire to write a novel. I’m a better parent, a less reactive & more present wife, a more playful friend, a less needy sister, and a more compassionate daughter. Through working the Process, I’ve opened the front door to courage, vulnerability and wholeheartedness.

Post Hoff I became more definite about what delivered me meaning, so I set a new tone for my company Pilot Light. I decoupled from a dryer, cerebral landscape and by incorporating the work of Brene Brown, Ken Robinson, David Whyte, Susan Cain and many others, I now run workshops exploring themes as diverse as wholehearted leadership, toxic masculinity, vulnerability & shame, feedback, storytelling, kindness & body language. You see the through line yes? It doesn’t matter if I’m working at Google, with refugees, or a start-up, it’s all the same work, that of self-inquiry & self-awareness, which when undertaken enables better connection. And that’s where meaning and peace reside for me. I want to live truthfully, joyfully and compassionately. I want to live wide awake. The Hoffman took me by the hands and showed me the way.

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zoe coyle hoffman process
Zoe Coyle

Author Hedley Derenzie “Why I Would Recommend Hoffman (to Anyone)”

The decision to sign up for Hoffman was an easy decision, despite it taking several years. Many of my friends had gone through the process and, based on the few details they had shared, I knew Hoffman was not for me. I’d done enough therapy, completed enough courses and dealt with my past, including my relationships with my parents. Or so I thought.

But then I found myself in a familiar place – in a world of emotional pain from which I was struggling (again) to break free. Something had to change, and I knew that ‘something’ had to me. After years of resisting, I went straight to the Hoffman website, and I signed up to the next available course.

And as soon as I did, my fears kicked in. What was I getting myself into? What would we be expected to do? Who would I be doing it with? Who will I be sharing a room with? What if everyone is a total wacko? How am I going to survive for six days? And so on and so on.

Yet amongst the insanity of my thinking, there was an inner voice nudging me forward while telling me that everything was going to be okay.

Sure enough, that little voice was right.

Which is not to say the Hoffman process isn’t an emotional rollercoaster. It is. But it’s an expertly constructed emotional rollercoaster piloted by highly trained and empathetic facilitators. And it’s a rollercoaster designed to have maximum impact and inspire lasting and ongoing change.

It’s also an experience shared alongside a group of awesome and courageous and definitely not wacko people who came to the process with their own stories and the same genuine desire to better themselves and their lives. It certainly makes for a memorable ride.

But Hoffman isn’t a magic pill. And thank goodness it’s not! Hoffman is a process designed so that each person gets to discover and become their own hero. And when the course is finished, you are given the tools so that you can continue being your own hero outside of the safety and sanctuary of the program. Which is why Hoffman is a process I would recommend to anyone, especially those who think they’ve done it all.

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hedley derenzie hoffman process
Hedley Derenzie

Jill Lacina Talks Hoffman and Love

Jill who is a Qoya teacher, digital marketing whizz, Experiential Astrology Facilitator & Hoffman Graduate talks about how the Hoffman Process

I did my Hoffman Process in August 2017. At the time I was a techie freelancer in the middle of a divorce and a dear friend suggested that I do the Process. She raved about Hoffman. I was skeptical. I had already done work on my relationship with my parents – and wasn’t I just a little too old to keep blaming them for things?

Then she said something that made me pay attention. She suggested that I do it now in order to be more resourced for the duration of the divorce process. At that point, I was exhausted and feeling frayed. The thought of having more emotional stamina available to me felt like a really good idea – for myself, my children, and even, for my-ex.

It’s easy to come to something like the Hoffman Process with the idea and hope to be ‘fixed”. What I’ve learned through the Process and the modalities I’ve studied since is that there is no end game. I can continue to grow in many ways. Not as a “fix” but as a way to know myself more deeply and come to love all the parts I find – especially the really tricky ones.

During the Process, I was able to tap into and own my anger and the deeper expression of that, which was grief for the life I was no longer going to have. The Process was a springboard and permission slip to meet those demons head on.

Being able to disarm the blocks of shame built up throughout my life has been the biggest personal liberation. I can identify them and know when they are beginning to run the show. That awareness has helped me deepen my relationships in such profound ways. It is an always evolving skill but the freedom and self compassion I feel now has truly changed the way I view the world.

The Process has opened up the possibility that life can be a much richer experience – more love, more openness, more depth, and much more spirit. Two years on and I now have a really beautiful loving relationship.

What did Hoffman open up for me? The pathway of loving myself enough so I could open to love another again.

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jill lacina hoffman process
Jill Lacina

Emily Witenden Shares Her Hoffman Experience Through Poetry

It is only a few months since Emily Witenden did her Process but the insights she experienced were deep and this beautiful poem she has generously shared with us is a reflection of her journey.


She stumbled through life
Feeling lost and alone
A wounded little bird
Confused to the bone

She questioned all things
Never feeling quite sure
What’s it all about?
What’s deep in my core?

She suffered in sadness
At odds with her mind
Searching for healing
In a form so unkind

For she believed the relief
Would come from outside
To all the ‘advice’
She tried to abide

Little did she know
The victim she played
The horrid tape reel
She lived and obeyed

The feelings of weakness
Of fear and of dread
The negative thoughts
She continually fed

Could only be tackled
From a place deep within
Where her thoughts and feelings
Were tangled with kin

Those she loved fiercely
Were in no way to blame
But indeed it was true
They affected her flame

Her innocence and knowing
Her ability to rise
Were unknowingly thwarted
By ancestral ties

A new perspective
On the suffering she felt
She threw herself in
And strapped on the belt

The roller coaster ride
She weakly embarked
Tense and afraid
She dove in to the dark
She opened her mind
What more could go wrong?
The wall had been hit
‘Twas time to be strong

And strong she was!
The bat did sway
She expressed emotions
Long hidden away

Her dark side revealed
Her patterns were ousted
Her commitment to heal
Could never be doubted

And deep in the depths
She could finally see
There was an option
A new way to be

A way of the light
Of spirit and love
Strength from the soul
To rise far above

She came out ALIVE
Independently strong
A new love for self
She’d lost for so long

She mended the war
Between child and mind
The child, she lives!!
It’s time to unwind

To let go of the struggle
Surrender to light
Rekindle the spirit
Make peace with the night

Love truer and deeper
Her mother and father
How lucky is she!
No other she’d rather

Alas the journey
Is not yet complete
She’s a work in progress
Just finding her feet

But wiser and stronger
Than ever before
I am woman
Now hear me ROAR!!

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emily witenden hoffman process
Emily Witenden

Jane MacDonald Shares Her Hoffman Experience

“My Hoffman Process in January 2012 was a fundamentally transformative experience. Before Hoffman, I was defensive if my own negative patterns were pointed out to me, and reactive when confronted by negative patterns in other people. The Process gave me rich gifts of insight, understanding and forgiveness of myself and others.

Most of all, it was an experience of ‘coming home’ and joyful reconnection with my own inner wisdom, allowing me set sail on the rest of life with my ‘moral compass’ re-set and working well for me. My relationships with friends and family have deepened and become more open, loving and rewarding.

Previously a science teacher, I entered the world of pastoral care, student support and leadership in 2014. In my new role, I discovered that, to be present to another vulnerable human spirit is to enter a sacred space. I wanted to learn more about this healing gift of presence, which I had experienced in the Process and afterwards, in my own psychotherapy. My enquiries led me first to Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy workshops, and then, at the end of 2017, I took two years’ leave from my teaching job in Tasmania and moved to Sydney to become a full-time student.

Right now, I am close to completing a Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy in Sydney, and I have also started Hakomi professional training. I have had a wonderful adventure, making new friends, living in a share house and continuing the amazing learning journey that began with Hoffman. As I head back to Tasmania in a few weeks’ time, I am thankful that I had this chance to immerse myself in the cascade of discovery, deepening understanding, wisdom and, indeed, light and love that has transformed my life in the years since my Hoffman Process. Thank you, Craig, Volker and all at Hoffman Australia!” Thank YOU Jane.

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jane macdonald hoffman process
Jane MacDonald

Inhaling Life with Stephanie Russell

Yoga teacher, seeker and all-round gorgeous woman, (and recent Hoffman Process graduate), Stephanie Russell, shares her journey….

“It’s only been a couple of months since I apprehensively journeyed across the country to take a deep dive into myself via the Hoffman Process.
I could never have conceptualized how potent the Process would be for me and all my relationships, nor could I have imagined the life enhancing blossoming that has occurred so swiftly since.

The Process had been suggested to me a few years earlier by a Mentor but my intellect had been persistently sceptical about whether one intense, expensive, ‘experiential’ week of inner work could be as incredible as all the graduate testimonials claimed.  I had become an expert at qualifying why I did not need to do the Process and at persuading myself that I had already done more than enough probing into my family of origin dynamics.

Life events over the past two years had brought me to my knees repeatedly.  Firstly, due to the sudden unexpected death of my father and our complex relationship, then due to the growing realisation of being in a rapidly dying long term relationship, and finally I was asked not so politely to leave a workplace which I had given all of my energy to for the past 5 years.  When I was on my knees again finally making the call to register for the next available Process, I was also acknowledging at 46 that I needed some major personal transformation, and I needed it now!

Taking an enormous breath in, I decided to commit wholeheartedly to the Process, whilst the week was undeniably arduous, verging on torturous at times, I could not also have felt more nurtured & supported through the week, nor could I have ever imagined where the Process would lead me.  It took me back in time into long forgotten memories and long stored beliefs about myself which I had both not wanted to look at and had not even contemplated looking directly at.  Every day the layers of conditioning were stripped away, the negatively shrouded perceptions of reality were released with vigour and every day I was surprised & inspired by the depth of the unravelling which was occurring not only in me, in everyone on the Process journey with me.

The whole week played out like an exquisite orchestral concert which can take everyone willing on an unforgettable journey through the entire bandwidth of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual frequencies from despair to bliss and every thought-feeling in between.  The Process has left me feeling continually moved by authentic gratitude for every single event and circumstance that has occurred throughout my whole life, not to mention awe in all the heartening changes and manifestations that have arisen in my life since, plus genuine trust in always being guided and supported from within and all around.

Above all the Hoffman Process brought me into connection with 21 of the most incredible people from around the globe all with their own uniquely bitter-sweet beautiful life stories.  The Process connected us deeply, teaching us the power of connection to ourselves, to others and to being on spiritual life quest to learn to inhale life ever more deeply every single blessed day of our lives.

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stephanie russell hoffman process
Stephanie Russell

Dianne McCabe, The Happy Path

This interview gave me the opportunity to reflect deeply on my journey over the past 3 years from a burned-out dysfunctional wreck, ruled by depression and anxiety, to someone who now takes proactive responsibility for my mental illnesses, my happiness and my contribution to the wellbeing of others.

There is still such a stigma related to seeking help for mental illness and mental wellbeing. We have a long way to go before it becomes the norm for people to talk about going to their therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist the way we talk about going to the doctor or dentist.

As a Corporate Change Coach & Facilitator, I am driven to help people adapt to change. Because of my own transformation, I want to share 3 learnings to encourage others who may be struggling with life or their mental wellbeing:

1. Make the courageous decision to change, to take full responsibility for your life. Change the things you can and change how you respond to the things you can’t.

2. Invest in your mental wellbeing. Whether that is by immersing yourself in personal development books, video’s and podcasts, working with a coach or therapist or enrolling in a personal transformation program such as The Hoffman Process

3. Apply yourself wholeheartedly to inner processing and outward action. Change takes action, and it starts with your thoughts! You will never change your life until you change things you do daily.

Hoffman is like personal development and therapy on steroids!!

Hoffman not only helped me improve my life, it was also the birthplace of my happy path (my new mode of operation) which later became my business, The Happy Path. That is something worth celebrating!

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have questions about my Hoffman Process experience or if you would like to book me as a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Facilitator on “Duty of Care – 3 Guiding Principles for a Mentally Healthy Workplace”

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dianne mccabe the happy path
Dianne McCabe, The Happy Path

Personal Relationships

Tim Kirkness, Consulting Engineer, Kilaben Bay Australia

My entry into the Hoffman Process was as a total emotional cripple as well as being uneducated in an ordinary sense. I had no emotional awareness and was totally ignorant of any emotional vocabulary while definitely being a meat and 3 veg consumer.

The emotional deficit combined with a deep sense of worthlessness and isolation from my family reinforced by workaholism and perfectionism. My marriage was at its lowest point of 46 years, and I truly know that I was affecting my wife’s health because of the agony and intense sadness that wad impacting her. Also, I know that I had neglected my 3 daughters.

Jump ahead 6 days…

I am now well along the path to a total turnaround. I have removed the issues of my unworthiness and other patterns to my family. I have found my inner joy and specifically my inner child (he is a delight). My greatest discovery is my untapped emotional side, however to develop an emotional vocabulary is only a “work in progress”.

I now have a clear understanding of the sources of my feelings, unworthiness and abandonment, as well as intense competitiveness.

The tools used and recommended to me are “gold”, sufficient to say now I that have rescued myself (and love myself) as well as my marriage and my 3 gorgeous daughters. I leave with optimism and a warm inner glow for my future.

tim kirkness hoffman process
Tim Kirkness, Consulting Engineer, Kilaben Bay Australia

Sonja, Singapore

The Hoffman Process gave me deep understanding and compassion for my parents and also for my twin sisters.

hoffman process reviews
Sonja, Singapore

Sarah, Edinburg UK

The Hoffman Process shifted something within me and gave me a degree of clarity I’ve never had before on what led to the issues I had in my relationships with others and with myself.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like there are roadblocks they just can’t break through. It was one of the most transformative experiences of my life and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into action.

hoffman process reviews
Sarah, Edinburg UK

Kate Hage, General Manager, Sydney, July 2019

I learnt a huge amount about myself, my patterns, my family and relationships.

Importantly my relationship to myself shifted and I had huge amounts of compassion for myself and others. I think this will be the start of hugely important changes in my life and relationships.

Kate Hage


It was a very emotional time for us and at times challenging to have each other present when confronting our past, but it also meant that we were each others witnesses and could truly understand the new path we had chosen.

I will never forget a spontaneous moment at the end of the Process during a celebration when our course mates playfully showered us with droplets of water from a fountain while myself and my husband improvised our new vows to each other.

I have to say it was even more meaningful to me than on my wedding day because it was only after the Hoffman Process that we were able to connect from a place of absolute truth and authenticity.



When my husband said that he wanted to go on the Hoffman Process and asked me to accompany him, I didn’t feel like I needed it in the least. I had a successful career, happy kids, a great relationship with my parents, and he was the one with the major problems. Or so I thought!

Well I was in for a real eye opener. The 8 days that I was on the Process turned out to be the most important time of my life. I learned self-awareness, how to take responsibility for my actions and my part in our relationship, what my vicious cycles were and how sneaky my bad habits were. Most importantly, the Process also made me realise that I was living a life that others expected of me, and not the life that I really wanted for myself!

I am very thankful that I got the chance to do the Hoffman Process with my husband Mark. Through seeing what his journey was like, I had a deep respect for his committment to change. When I saw how others perceived his strengths and gifts, it also made me appreciate those qualities I had sometimes taken for granted.


Anonymous, Oct 2016

I attended The Hoffman Process in my late 40s to help work through my issues I was having with respect to my perfecting style and in my relationship. I was guarded and suspicious of the process and doubted the potential for me to benefit or for it to be really helpful in my life.

The impact of this process/course for me was immense. I needed only a commitment to myself to participate fully and honestly in search for my own inner path. I found a deep inner peace I thought a skeptic could never possess.

The process is spiritually enriching, realistic in its goals and practical in its application to the reality of my life. Finally, it is impossible to describe the power of the experience of being in the presence of the group of my co-participants, a group who reached within so deeply and honestly, trusted enough to expose their most personal scars and courageous enough to fight their way through.

I was humbled and will be forever deeply grateful for their friendship. I have gained a new family. I have learned to let go, forgive and to love.

I have reclaimed my obligation to myself and learnt to be loved.

Oct 2016

Ian Wrigley, July 2016

The Hoffman Process was a kick arse journey of self discovery around my patterns of behaviour and where and how they were planted, germinated and nurtured by my non-stop intellect.

I have taken away a lot of tools and taken charge of self responsibility to move forward into an awesome future with myself and my partner.

Ian Wrigley
July 2016

Alina, August 2014

I feel free to connect to my playful me and use it. I see my life in a different way and stopped blaming myself for the many mistakes and issues I experienced with my children.

August 2014

Joanna, August 2014

The Process has given me insight into how I have been driven by old family patterns. It has given me some space, time and tools to know that I can choose how I respond.

I found the staff very helpful and encouraging pre-process. The facilities are totally dedicated to assisting with the process. The care, love and commitment they provide is incredible. My facilitator was in tune with me.

August 2014

Julia, June 2016

The Process has allowed me to forgive myself and others, to be able to let things go, tools to learn how to stop the ‘thoughts’. It’s taught me independence and reassurance that I will be okay and I am still growing.

June 2016

Bridgette, June 2016

For the first time I feel a sense of forgiveness an compassion toward my parents. The anger in my heart has dissipated.

The facilitators were very kind, very sharp and supportive, enthusiastic, passionate and authentic.

June 2016

Miranda, June 2017

The Process has opened me right up to the wonderful possibilities available to me, if I choose the right path. It has made me feel braver to stand up for me because I am important and must put myself first.

The staff have been exceptionally supportive and provided us with guidance and love throughout the process.

June 2017

Greg, June 2016

The Process has shown me that people do actually appreciate my kindness and I am lovable. It has uncovered my compassion and ability to see people for who they really are without judgement.

I found the staff to be loving, caring and warm toward me, it made me feel entirely safe. I think all the staff are amazing and we are so lucky there are people like them in the world.

June 2016

Han, June 2016

The Process has helped me with getting in touch with my emotions. It has helped me realise how much I was lying to myself and colluding internally. It has given me the tools to release my dark side and control my emotional child’s desire to play.

It has shown me what I really want in my life, a happy married life with children who are well balanced and my wife is feeling heard, appreciated, loved and secure.

The facilitators were awesome. They couldn’t have done a better job. Craig was by far the best person to be facilitated by, he could really understand me and really give me guidance on how I was actually feeling and explain it to me.

June 2016

Carol H, June 2016

The process has been an extraordinary, transforming experience for me. It has given me the confidence and the strategies to bring about profound and positive changes within myself and within my relationships with others.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the facilitators, who displayed not only highly developed skills in presenting and running workshops but also genuine intent and compassion in their interactions with the participants – they all had a very enduring sense of humour!

Carol H
June 2016

Bailey Ashley, May 2017

I found the process to be very confronting, so many of my patterns were overtaking my openness to complete the program and my willingness, shadowed by doubt but I stuck it out. I embraced being out of my comfort zone and trusted that this could actually work.

With the most amazing tutors and tribe, (my new found family) I found the resilience to keep moving forward. I was no longer broken; I started to feel a sense of happiness and joy. I was smiling. By day 4, I felt an undoubted change. I was enjoying living, enjoying being around people, conversing with people. I felt like me again. I was alive.

I actually can’t wait to embrace both my parents and tell them how much I love them. I can’t wait to hold my children and be playful again. I will be a better mum from this day forth and will continue to work.

I have purpose now, thank you to The Hoffman Team.

Bailey Ashley
May 2017

Katherine Simmons, May 2017

I feel that a new beginning has started. I feel healed. I feel free and uplifted.

I feel that there is now a meaning to the word and feeling of love. I feel that I can now forgive.

Katherine Simmons
May 2017

Leonardo Talpo, Relationship Counsellor, Singapore

It all started in 1998, I was 46 years old, the right age to look in the mirror and revisit my life. I was already divorced one time, my second marriage was shaking and the relationship with my already grown-up children was not really healthy either; without considering after few months’ time I would had become grandfather for the first time.

Cornered as I was I had to make a choice, either becoming a victim or more responsible. I chose the latest and the Hoffman Quadrinity Process was the best option I thought I had. I was right, because that was the start of a new life. The process was not the miracle, but what I got from it helped me to create my miracle. I changed my life!

Yes it takes time to process all the learning, the insights. It takes endurance, hard work because at the end is not about what happen in life, but what we do with what is happening. The worst feeling is not to know what to do, the feeling of being prisoner in my own brain. Well, that is what the Hoffman Process gave me, the key to open the cage.

Sometimes it was scarring out of the cage, but I had a new awareness, a new strength inside, a big hope, and with trust, courage and the help of God I changed my life. Since I started my new profession as Counsellor, I have been referring clients to the Hoffman Process in a regular basis because I believe it makes a difference.

Leonardo Talpo,
Relationship Counsellor, Singapore

Scarlett, May 2017

It’s a process of searching for love, compassion and your own soul. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels stressed, anxious, unhappy or simply just wants to find out the meaning of life.

Through physical action, mindful thinking, meditation, theory learning, emotional touching, I understand how my body and soul come together, serving me a happy life. I’ve taken away what I learned here, to apply in my daily life, to become a better daughter, mum, partner, leader and stranger. I believe anyone who is interested in relationships with the world would benefit from it.

May 2017

Personal Growth

Len, Geologist, Brisbane Australia

Takeaways include resolution of unresolved issues with parents – compassion for them and self for injuries caused by these patterns.

The concept of a quadrinity of having an emotional child, intellect, body with an underlying spirit and spirit guide. I found the linking of all these together of the human experience and the forward journey through issues for your different parts of your quadrinity were significant.

The structure the course was exceptional and gave me a focus on process of solving issues in the future. A major issue was the practical knowledge that simple unknown triggers of the life patterns can make people disengage at the first instance.

We are all part of the whole and creatures of the light and want to connect.

len cranfield hoffman process
Len, Geologist, Brisbane Australia

Di, Adelaide

The Hoffman Process is for anyone who wants positive change and really would love to discover, embody and align to their true being/self.

Doing the Process gives you a sense of freedom and permission/right to come from your pure loving essence of wholeness and authenticity.

You connect to your spirit and deeper strengths of who you truly are, taking away limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you hostage, kept you small or caused you pain in your life.

Everyone should do… and deserves to do Hoffman <3

hoffman process reviews
Di, Adelaide

Karl Howard, Asset Manager Abacus, Summer Hill Australia

The Process has had a profound effect, allowing me to develop a great understanding of myself, an appreciation and love for me and many tools to enable a more fulfilled and joyous life.

karl howard hoffman process
Karl Howard, Asset Manager Abacus, Summer Hill Australia

Tom, Project Manager, Newcastle Australia

I came to the Hoffman Process in a state of mental exhaustion – I literally self talked myself into a state of stress that was impacting my health, my work, my family and my will to live.

The Hoffman Process was a life saver. The Process was an amazing myriad of discovery, awareness, expressive and visualisation work which had a profound effect on my wellbeing.

I walk out of the Process with clarity, wellbeing and self love that I have not experienced before.

I thank the custodians of the Hoffman Process, the facilitators and the support staff from the bottom of my heart – my loving heart!

hoffman process reviews
Tom, Project Manager, Newcastle Australia

Jeremy Chan, HR Consultant, Sydney Australia

The Process has been an incredibly inspiring and enjoyable experience. We have learned significant life skills in relation to personal motivation, mental wellbeing and compassion. The process would be very useful to anyone struggling with:

    Life Direction
    Self Esteem Issues
    Emotional Connection
    Relationship Issues
jeremy chan hoffman process
Jeremy Chan, HR Consultant, Sydney Australia

Sarah Begley, Orthopaedics, Black Forest Australia

Firstly, I take away a hug amount of gratitude. Every single person who has participated, facilitated, cooked or organised in this journey has contributed to my growth.

I have been able to identify patterns and behaviours, understand there origin and let them leave my life. For those that. Have not yet identified, I trust that I am equipped with the skills to manage them. I will be able to have a new way of communicating with my husband – one with self-responsibility and compassion.

My spirit, self-love, and self-belief has been ignited within me. I will go forward open to more joy and love.

I will love my children in a new way, one that makes them feel seem and understood. I believe who can see they may have repeating issues in their life, will benefit from the Hoffman. Anyone searching for deeper joy or needing self-compassion. Anyone who feels they want to get more out of life!!

Sarah Begley hoffman process
Sarah Begley, Orthopaedics, Black Forest Australia

Emily, Artist, Singapore

The Process is truly transformational in discovering your true self. It is deep, emotional work but you are surrounded by a group of loving and compassionate people who inspire you the whole way.

The facilitators are so genuinely supportive and nurturing, and have incredible knowledge to help guide you every step of the way.

hoffman process reviews
Emily, Artist, Singapore

Angela Stedman, Myocum Australia

Through the Hoffman Process I have accessed parts of myself that I’ve never been able to access before – grief, loss and shame that had been suffocating my life and keeping me stuck in the patterns of my past.

I feel renewed and re-energised; there’s life behind my eyes again and I feel alive! My future is bright green.

angela stedman
Angela Stedman, Myocum Australia

Dr Greg Lim-Lange, Singapore

The Hoffman Process was a deeply transforming experience for me.

Despite having been through individual therapy and being a therapist myself, I learned completely new ways of relating to myself and to others.

I found greater inner peace, got in touch with many emotions that seemed inaccessible to me before, succeeded in dialing down the inner critical voice, but most of all became aware of unhelpful old behavioural patterns that still showed up in my life and I learned skillful ways of disengaging from them.

The Process is very comprehensive and the facilitators in Australia are extremely skilled at creating a safe space for all the group members to engage in this beautiful transformation. I highly recommend it.

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dr greg lim-lange hoffman process
Dr Greg Lim-Lange, Singapore

Holly, News Video Editor, Sydney Australia

Resentment, hurt and self-criticism had stunted my life. I feared relationships would end and as a result, they did.

I denied myself meaningful connections by withdrawing and self-isolating. The Process opened my eyes and my heart to these negative patterns and gave me the strength to release them.

I became aware of my beauty, my love and my strength. I found a voice.

I wholeheartedly thank the Process for fighting with me. I couldn’t do it on my own.

hoffman process reviews
Holly, News Video Editor, Sydney Australia

Abi Slade, Artist and Dancer, UK

I have poured out my emotions in a way that I have never one even after some of the most heartbreaking events in my life. The Process takes you beyond where you thought was possible.

I feel truly alive for the first time in years. For that I thank you. I put my trust in the process and you delivered me to a place of compassionate joy.

Thank you <3

abi slade hoffman process
Abi Slade, Artist and Dancer, UK

Angie, Kenmore Hills Australia

I was worn out with depression, and grief and exhaustion creating a new career and taking care of my elderly parents.

I had come to a desperate end of the road where something simply had to change. I knew it was me. The Hoffman Process gave me the inner transformation and tools to see life differently, be different, and realise a whole new list of possibilities from myself and my family life.

My experience of life is fuller, richer, and a whole lot more fun. Its more loving, more creative, and is now the life I want to be living – free from the burdens of shame, guilt and living in authenticity and ease and flow. A huge thank you to the Hoffman Institute and the incredible facilitators who supported me on every step of the way.

hoffman process reviews
Angie, Kenmore Hills Australia

Jano, Brisbane

I wasn’t aware fully of what to expect at the Hoffman but there is not one part of me that is disappointed. The course is profound, and I have gained inner love, strength and compassion for others through this process. The facilitators were exceptionally kind and giving of their time. I would highly recommend to all – especially parents.

hoffman process reviews
Jano, Brisbane

Rebecca, Wembley Downs Australia

My experience at the Hoffman Process was one of extreme highs and lows. The work that I have done both exhausted and delighted me. I came into the Process with great sadness about lots of things in my life, which was crushing me, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The 6 ½ day retreat has taught me that I don’t have to live the way I have been living. Through the amazing facilitators and the physical and spiritual work, I have finally come to a place where I would look within myself to find the strength I need to face my challenges in life.

hoffman process reviews
Rebecca, Wembley Downs Australia

Charlene, Malaysia

I started the Process not knowing what to expect. The process of surrendering and trusting what was to come wasn’t easy but in hindsight and looking back at how each day progressed (without us knowing what was coming next) was beautiful – the way each piece connected and the surprises!

Craig, Annie and Julia did an amazing and fabulous job as facilitators (and amazing amazing amazing work they do) – so grateful we got them as facilitators. I have come out of the process feeling empowered, and with an openness and a sense of calm, peace and quiet confidence.

hoffman process reviews
Charlene, Malaysia

Bella Bennett, Perth Australia

The main thing I take away from this program is a new learnt self-awareness! I am much more confident in my physical being, I now feel an overall peace coming from within.

I have also gained many new tools that are going to help keep me out of that black hole.

The understanding I have for others around me has developed into something I never knew I was able to do.

The Process has been incredible, and I wouldn’t change my experience at all.

I am simply amazed.

hoffman process reviews
Bella Bennett, Perth Australia

Sukriti, India

This was an absolute treat! Hoffman Process gives you so much awareness and insight into your life, where you start to dissect things you normally would never consider looking into.

It very quickly and efficiently manages to sneak into your inner chamber, pull out all the inner demons, extinguish them and destroy their existence and then replant an entire sanctuary within you of inner love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

Your inner essence will always be found by the end of the Process

hoffman process reviews
Sukriti, India

Kristy Picker, Port Kembla Australia

It was everything I wanted. I feel filled with so much love and joy. I feel like I’ve opened up and been my true self for the first time ever.

This Process is positively life changing!

kristy picker hoffman process
Kristy Picker, Port Kembla Australia
Software Tester

Geoffrey Rosenberg, Sydney Australia

I entered the Process reluctantly, cautiously and with lots of scepticism.

Determined to stick to it

Glad I did

By day 2 – noted changes

Ongoing insights and personal revelations, that were facilitated by the Process

Gained huge understanding as well as insights into me, my parents and my behaviours

Feel newly energised, refreshed and excited about heading forwards.

hoffman process reviews
Geoffrey Rosenberg, Sydney Australia

Nick Johnson, Gold Coast Australia

Hit the spark to change my life.

To find healing I had to go back to the beginning and what I found was profound, heartbreaking, healing and strengthening.

From the fire rises the light.

I truly believe

I came home

Forgive and live

The Process realigns and reconnects the heart, head and spirit using a logical but somehow magical approach that will convince even the biggest sceptics.

Love conquers all

I opened my heart and got more than I could ever imagine.

I have never come across facilitators that are so committed, so real and that I can say I love deeply.

They practice what they preach.

nick johnson hoffman process
Nick Johnson, Gold Coast Australia

Marti Robbertson, Netherlands

A lot of awareness, connection.

A new way to look at things.

To come in your own power again because you recognize what is going on.

hoffman process reviews
Marti Robbertson, Netherlands
Driving Instructor

Brent Anderson, Singapore

A challenging but wonderful way to bring real change into your life.

I was facing a massive breakdown in all parts of my life. After a week, I have a completely different outlook on life and a deep sense of hope for the future.

I recommend “The Process” to anyone wanting to make real change in their life, not just those facing a crisis.

hoffman process reviews
Brent Anderson, Singapore


It takes a person of great humility, self-awareness and dedication to admit they may have room for growth and need help to fulfil it and their full potential.

I recommend for those people to undertake the Hoffman Process for profound results.

hoffman process reviews

Will Conley, Byron Bay Australia

The Process has taken me on an incredible journey of self-discovery. I have found awareness around the negative love patterns that have been holding me back from living my life on the Right Road. I have learned to give voice to my spiritual self and allow myself to feel joy and love in the present moment.

I will take away a new perspective of myself and the different parts of my being that now live in unity. I have a profound feeling of peace and contentment and I am so excited to start my life anew.

I think that anybody would benefit from the Process, particularly those that feel they haven’t stepped into their full potential. This will give you your life back.

hoffman process reviews
Will Conley, Byron Bay Australia

Alice Lai, Hong Kong

Coming to the Process is the best decision I have made in my life.

It is a journey home to yourself, filled with love, light and laughter.

I have gained new insights into my past, acceptance and appreciation of the present,

Hope and vision for the future. I have received so much love, support and guidance

From the facilitators. I believe that it is beneficial for anyone who is looking for healing and just light in life.

hoffman process reviews
Alice Lai, Hong Kong
Yoga Teacher

Sinclair Fisher-Gray, Health Coach, Sydney, July 2019

The Hoffman Process taught me so much about myself. Above all it taught me about vulnerability. It was the lesson I needed to hear so badly.

I learnt about compassion for others, I learnt that I am just a big child who wants to play and feel love.

I loved everything about this Process. The facilitators were incredibly capable and made this so special. It is a beautiful and transformative course

Sinclair Fisher-Gray

Simon, Australia, July 2019

The Hoffman Process is life changing. If you have been stuck in a cycle of the same pattern of behaviour for longer than you can care to think about then this is for you.

I was extremely skeptical and cynical before the Process and then for the first few days of the Process I kept at it and I am so pleased I have done so. I am amazed with the changes and so will you be.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.


Shiva Pillay, Vice President, Singapore, July 2019

A truly inspiring Process. Game-changing and applicable to anybody willing and wanting to re-connect with themselves and live a life filled with joy and compassion.

Love and Light!

Shiva Pillay

Megan Potter, Melbourne, July 2019

I have been struggling for over 5 years and the Hoffman Process has given me a new lease on life and a sense of self-worth & self-love. Have also made a connection with my spiritual self, which will help further my journey.

Megan Potter

Marcia Oliveira Couper, Concierge, Australia, July 2019

I have a great, ongoing sense of belong, to be part of something … special.

I met some fantastic people, who show me love, compassion, care, loyalty and so much more. I feel more powerful, in peace, I truly love myself and I have new tools to deal with my patterns.

Marcia Oliveira Couper

Jackson Parr, Network Marketing, Australia, July 2019

With flights I have spent easily over $100,000 on personal development. Yet before signing up for the Process, I can’t remember a time I ever felt more scared, afraid, unsure & anxious.

What I experienced in these past 7 days is the greatest thing I have done. Ever. This experience is a tier all on its own and it isn’t even close.

It was deep. It was challenging. It was confronting. And it was what I will be telling people for the rest of my life. It changed the game for me. Thank you to my Facilitators Annie, Julia & Craig for their incredible commitment to me & my new family.

Jackson Parr

Bella, Lawyer, Manilla, Phillipines, July 2019

I feel inspired by the Process journey and believe it will help me to make real change. There are many aspects of the Process that are moving, but for me it was the group work that made the Process special.

I had become disconnected from others and myself. The Process made me see my own pain and the pain of others and how, if we share, we can connect and love, and heal.

Before the Process I often felt I was my dark side and that I was bad and unauthentic. Now that I have done the Process, I can see the truth – I am loveable, I am authentic, and I can love.


Gustaf Paulsson, London, July 2019

The Hoffman Process has given me a new sense of light in life.

The Process has guided me to areas within me that I believed were closed forever.

The Process has brought back joy, happiness and given me a body of what love really feels like. Not only what others say about it.

I will leave the process and Australia as a memory, a burning light that I can always return to in times of future hardship.

Gustaf Paulsson

Asha Alwast, July 2019

I believe the way the Process unpacks personal traits, behaviours and history is transformational in a way that isn’t accessible outside of Hoffman. The course gave me perspective and distance from past hurt and trauma and I’m eternally grateful.

Asha Alwast

Andrew E, Lawyer, Sydney, July 2019

The Process provided me with a new life!

It breathed joy, brightness, lightness, laughter & a sense of calm into me.

I took away tools to understand & manage my negative patterns & running mind.

I was able to awaken my inner child & its happiness & joy. I was able to connect with my true self/spirit & have a more positive & loving outlook on life.

Thank You – Process!

Andrew E

Andrea Beck, Travel Agent, WA, July 2019

The Process has taught me self-awareness. Be in the present and don’t hold any grudges towards others. Be kind to myself and accept my flaws.

The Process has taught me tools to recognize negative behavioural patterns and how to deal with it. The process is fabulous and recommended to people from all walks of life and all ages.

Andrea Beck

Leesa Murray, Nov 2018

I can make mistakes and I am still lovable

I had held off doing Hoffman for 20 years until I eventually reached self-destruct where I was about to lose everything. I mean everything including my life. I was consumed by suicide thoughts and believed it was the only solution.

Thank God for the Hoffman Process from deep within my being I now feel safe, secure, connected and this sits alongside a deep sense of tenderness, vulnerability, kindness and strength and inner strength and stability that opens infinite possibilities in my life.

And more than words I have the practical skills to keep me moving in the right direction along the right path.

I am me. I am grateful. I am love.

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dears and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling….I carry your heart. (E.Cummings)

Leesa Murray

Kim Kamarudin, Journalist & Copywriter, Nov 2018

I came to the Hoffman Process feeling shut down in my life just plodding along without joy or fulfillment. I was self-sabotaging and the self-critical voice in my head was constant. To the outside world I occurred as in control, organised and perfect. But internally I was scared, alone and stifled.

The 7 days of the Process started as soon as I registered and was like a roller-coaster ride. The ups, the anticipation, the reactivation, the sharp left turn, the downs and the upside downs. From the Process I have a new exciting connection with myself and others. I am now okay with being vulnerable and I have rediscovered my voice.

Kim Kamarudin

Sunita, Singapore, Nov 2018

I strongly believe in the ability to recognise why I have been behaving the way I did. I was not me but a conditioning I was used to.

I feel so good about myself and free from all the toxic patterns. I can now speak my needs, express myself without fear of judgement. I am excited to be the real ME to fell the integrity of my own trinity.

Confident about using the tools when I feel a push back.

Ready to live and play and enjoy myself.


Vik, Singapore, Nov 2018

The Process will be something I remember for the rest of my life. It has helped me address issues that had burdened me for a number of years and p[provided me with the toolkit and confidence to fully embrace the next chapter of my life on my terms.


Hayley, Nov 2018

I came to the Hoffman Process when I came to the realisation I had been dulled by my domestics of the days and that my life had become something to endure and not to enjoy.

I had been physically unwell for several months but was so disconnected from being present in my body, present to my wants and needs and unaware and unable to articulate and express my feeling, that I did not see it as my body crying for help.

I can see now that I had been depressed for such a long time but not mastered the brave face and not only that but the funny valentine one too. I can see now that my anxiety was my feelings seeping out, desperate to the heard acknowledge know.

The Hoffman Process has given my spirit, my mind and my body connection and awareness to acknowledge my feelings and responses to others in  my world without the need to be reactive. I am able to become aware of my feelings as I feel them in response to my thoughts, interactions with others and expectations and to feel them in my body and now they connect together.

I have learnt how to react in genuine response to other people, not my perception or interpretation but with awareness and genuine connection. I also take away a profound compassion for myself, an empathy for past mistakes a curiosity for future relationships with the people that I love and a profound sense of connection of my thoughts, emotions, spirit and body, a feeling of being, living within myself for the first time. It is in the quiet that we can hear the good and the bad  and with space have the grace to feel and act with intent.

Hayley B

David Thorpe, Executive Director, Byron Bay, Nov 2018

I came to the Hoffman process not knowing what was wrong with me but sure that I was not happy with my life.

I did not have the means to explain or ever identify what made everything so tough for me. Hoffman Process was recommended by people who care for me. It was giving me the clarity and understanding I craved for and the compassion to support myself through all the challenges of life. The tools and strength I have learned through completing the Hoffman process have enabled me to change, to live a life I love.

David Thorpe

Ben Greaves, Team Leader, Tasmania, Nov 2018

I came into the Process very angry, wounded, self-isolated and confused. I had no real friends or any enjoyment in life. I had my job I spent way too much time on and very little time left to enjoy with family.

The Process is hard work, but once open and completely honest, it works. It puts your life in perspective, gives clarity and opens your mind and heart to allow change, much needed change. The Process is very supportive, challenging but most of all rewarding.

What am I taking away from this?

I am taking my emotional child, my first birthday party, my first Santa visit, my first real friends, sisters, carpet burn on my knees, toes and feet, but the biggest thing I am taking in my life, a much more positive life, one that happy and a whole lot of positive change.

Ben Greaves

Anonymous, Sep 2016

I came to the process locked in a bubble of steel. The process helped me let go of my barriers, it helped me to understand and love my vulnerabilities. It helped me to start filling the massive voids in my soul with light and love. It put me on the right road, my right road to personal and worldly success. Thank you.

Sep 2016

Anonymous, Sept 2016

What a life giving gift to myself, the ultimate in self love! I feel the puzzle of life has been completed and I finally feel whole! – Thank you Hoffman.

Sept 2016


Life I believe is a combination of moments all of which lead me here. I had lost my ability to have a voice, to feel at ease with being in the moment always fearing my future. The Hoffman Process has been the most intense and heartfelt week of my life. An introduction to all the things, and myself, who I am I do have the ability to do and be.

I no longer fear my future; I’m present in the now and in the moment. I love who I am and my voice.


Anne Looby

The Retreat is an extraordinary addition to the Process and I highly recommend it to any Hoffman graduates. It is indeed a further deepening into the very ground of being. Jutka and Volker have such a wealth and depth of experience. They guided us all with such love into a deep exploration of our Enneagram type and subtypes and those unconscious needs and instincts that drive us all. The clarity and insights into my personality structure was profound. I came away feeling clearer and lighter than ever. More tools, more insights, more presence. WOW. Thank you.

Anne Looby
Australian actress and stage director

Nadire Jol, Sept 2016

The most amazing experience in my life. I felt powerful, peaceful and positive after completion of the course. Just do it.

Nadire Jol
Sept 2016

Virginia Greville, July 2016

The Hoffman Process is a game changer. I finally feel like myself through the breakdown of the Quadrinity to create balance and inner harmony in my life.

You will have the privilege of working with some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, who’s ability to guide each and every participant was truly admirable. Each and every moment and detail holds so much value in the healing process.

Each carefully constructed piece offered me guidance, answers or reflection. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the journey this process offers. Thank you Volker, Julia and Yutka.

Virginia Greville
July 2016

Benjamin Chrystal, July 2016

I am finding it difficult to transcribe the process into words on a piece of paper. It was the most heart felt incredible journey I have ever undertaken in my life. It was an enormous honour and privilege to experience something with this much love with people who started as strangers in my life have now become family.

I see the world through different eyes now and see myself with more self accepting and loving eyes. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the facilitators for doing an incredible job. It’s inspiring people like you three which the world needs more of.

I have found a love I didn’t know existed and have managed to feel closer and more accepting of my parents than ever before. Thanks!!!

Benjamin Chrystal
July 2016

Chloe Chan, July 2016

I arrived on the first day as a person that felt unempowered and lacking in ability to think for myself, not knowing what my goals and direction of life are. I had very low-self esteem or belief in myself. Thinking that I wasn’t doing things right or not enough.

Through the process, I learned how to acknowledge and appreciate all parts of me – my intellect, emotional child, spiritual self and body, and I accepted me as I am. I felt re-born and at peace with me, finally accepting myself for who I am.

I am leaving feeling refreshed, energised, in high spirits, calm and empowered to live out the rest of my journey. I have been given the right mindset and tools to support through the upcoming ups and downs that the universe will throw at me. Thank you Bob Hoffman, Volker and Team.

Chloe Chan
July 2016

Warren Smith, July 2016

I came to this process with a simple objective to help heal a particular troubling aspect of my life. By the end of the process, every aspect of my life, and my ‘being’ in it has been significantly impacted.

In every domain of my life, I am healthier, happier, more empowered, less triggered, more able to be the architect of my future.

Warren Smith
July 2016

Bella Jackson, July 2016

This process was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It was also one of the most rewarding.

I’ve found myself for the first time in my life. I hope the skills and awareness I’ve gained from the process will enrich my life for all the glorious years to come. I can’t thank Hoffman enough for guiding me through this journey and helping me find my light.

Bella Jackson
July 2016

Anne Weatherston, August 2016

My Take Away: We are the children of our parents. Their limiting beliefs and our limiting beliefs. Unless we recognise and address these beliefs we will never be the person we were meant to be.

What I Received: The process has given me a much deeper understanding of the limiting beliefs. I recognise that I was repeating patterns of behaviour that I learned from my mother and father and in doing so, living a life of fear and fulfillment.

In recognising and confronting these patterns I am now on the path to becoming a stronger and happier person. I now feel equipped to act confidently from a position of respect for myself and also see the patterns that drive others. I am also reconnected with my emotional self and in doing so open the door to more joy and pleasure. The process will not only make me a happier more fulfilled person it will also make me a better leader who is more able to act through influence rather than control.”

How Would Others Benefit: I recommend this course to anyone who is facing a crossroads in their life. If you are feeling unfulfilled, either personally or professionally and have lost touch with who you are or where you are going, this process will help you unblock your path.

Anne Weatherston
August 2016

Lana C, August 2014

It has made me so excited to get out there and put everything into practice. I believe I am no lovable, stronger and am so so happy to be connected with my inner spiritual self.

Lana C
August 2014

Bernadette H, August 2014

The Process has provided a safe environment in which I can get to know myself. I have for the first time learned a way to more fully do this – learning about my emotional and spiritual self when my mind (intellect) has been busy for long. I am excited about re-entering my world as a whole person.

The one hour call with Volker (closer to two) was comfortable but at the same time I felt as though I was held accountable. It was the way that these two things were held in partnership that gave me the courage to sign up. I know I wouldn’t get away with my old “stuff“ but I felt trust from Volker that I would be supported in this journey. This held true through the process for Volker, Craig and Amanda. Thank you.

Bernadette H
August 2014

Martin, August 2016

If nothing else it has given me a clear insight to the origins of my feelings and behaviours and what I can do to make changes.

From start to finish the staff have been warm, supportive and understanding. They share their own personal experiences which is very reassuring.

August 2016

Nicky H, August 2014

I found the process completely transformational. When I started I was like a caterpillar dissolving and stuck and unable to free myself from all the problems in my life.

Through doing the process I now feel like a butterfly, liberated and free to live my life, FINALLY!

The staff have an amazing capacity to offer unconditional love, support and guidance. I would not have come if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement from Volker before the process and also during.

I’ve never experienced anyone who could actually meet me in the darkest corners of myself and get me out of them. I am eternally grateful.

Nicky H
August 2014

Larissa, August 2014

The Process brought greater clarity and improved my self esteem.

Facilitator Amanda was a generous, kind an beautiful person who gave me a huge amount of insight into myself – always with great compassion and wisdom. She is a true gift to anyone who works with her.

August 2014

Peter B, August 2014

The Process has given me my life back. It’s given me the tools to do what I feel I need to do and the understanding why.

The staff was just what I needed and not what I thought I wanted when I arrived. I’ve learnt to trust. Thank you all so much.

Peter B
August 2014

Peter J, June 2017

I feel I have had a renaissance, a rebirth. I believe I have identified unidentified negative behavioural traits that I am conscious of now and I am working on them.

The facilitators were inspirational. I really was impressed with their focus and passion for such an extended period of time.

Peter J
June 2017

Patrick, June 2016

The Process has enabled me to get in touch with my heart and my spiritual self. It’s cleared my mind and I feel at peace in my heart, mind and spirit. It’s also enabled me to become present.

The facilitators were amazing, very warm and caring throughout the process. I could see that they would feel out pain and this made the process very real for me.

June 2016

Jayne, June 2016

It has set me free from the sorrow of my past. I feel like I know myself better than ever before and have gained so much internal strength. Letting go of my anger and resentment has given me the power of forgiveness and compassion.

The facilitators have all been amazing! Every time I needed a push, I got a push. Very well organised.

June 2016

W. Ding, June 2016

I feel like a new person (with my operating system newly installed!).

The facilitators were very helpful and responsive to logistical questions. The teachers were insightful, patient and caring throughout the whole process.

W. Ding
June 2016

Ashleigh, June 2016

I feel the process has allowed me to really connect with my true self. I have let go of the shame and anger that I had been carrying.

I feel like for the first time I’m no longer seeking approval. I appreciate myself and who I am, and where I am going. I also have more compassion for my family.

Everyone was so amazing! I found all the staff to be loving, non-judgmental and really present. The way they made us all feel so safe just made this experience so special. Craig really saved me.

June 2016

Jayde, June 2016

I have gone places deep inside myself that I never knew existed and now I have a love for myself that I never knew existed. I am free.

The staff were pretty spectacular this week on one of the hardest most incredible weeks of my life. They showed me love, care and support especially when I couldn’t show it to myself. I have a deep love and respect for them.

June 2016

Leon P, June 2016

The Process has helped me step into the right road in life. It has cemented hope and trust that life will be in the light, full of love for myself and others and I am loveable. I am feeling well aware of my beautiful spirit essence, the beautiful innocent little boy that’s me and always within. I am a kind an beautiful man.

The staff were absolutely wonderful, amazing and helpful, kind, compassionate, willing and dedicated to the process for themselves and for all of us and ones to come. Craig, Kerry, Amanda, the facilitators are full of love in themselves and for us and are givers. Aurelia is amazing with help, love and kindness embracing us as an assistant but part of the process. The beautiful Gavin, Helen, the Chefs cook extraordinaire sustained us with amazing, healthy food and love.

Leon P
June 2016

Rebekah, June 2016

The process has helped me to dig into the past, release deep pain and forgive those who have wronged me. It’s been an incredible journey into my own unknown I’ve resurfaced, feeling refreshed with a much greater love and appreciation for others and myself. I am now free!

The facilitators were incredible, knowledgeable and understanding. I’ve never seen anything like what they did here – there was deep emotional trauma release that was held in such a safe space thanks to Kerri, Craig and Amanda. They were really spot on. Kerri was my facilitator and she is one of the best therapists I’ve ever seen.

June 2016

Bruce L, August 2016

The Hoffman Process is the most powerful and transformational experience I have ever undertaken. It does require courage and commitment to fully participate.
The change that is available is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Bruce L
August 2016

Julia W, August 2016

My journey began with caution but sheer excitement as I was driving to Byron Bay. I was going to ‘get fixed’. Wow so many guttural emotions that I didn’t realise lived within me – Fear, Anger, Sadness, Resentment and Denial, just to name a few.

The process allowed me to experience the rebirth of my essential self with guidance, no judgement and the support I had never encountered. I feel strong, and now have the tools to deal with my patterns along with my beautiful guide to stand behind me.

I had a profound awakening. I now know I am worthy and I am love. My heartfelt gratitude to my facilitators and The Hoffman Process.

Julia W
August 2016

Alexandra Coward, April 2014

It is not possible to attend The Hoffman Process and not change. You will feel uneasy, challenged, confronted and at times defensive…but you will also feel safe, supported and strong. Your fellow students come from all walks of life and you will have something in common with each and everyone of them.

I shared my process with doctors, housewives, business owners and corporate professionals. We learned how to notice our pain and the destructive patterns we go into when we feel threatened, guilty or fearful. There was a deep sense of camaraderie at being in the same boat with these people and we developed level of trust that I might never again in my lifetime experience.

If you want to take responsibility for your life, I highly recommend The Hoffman Process. It will put you on the road to change, and after that it’s up to you.

Alexandra Coward
April 2014

Robert Lightbody, April 2017

The most amazing gift for me of the Hoffman Process was the ability to connect with other people free of judgement or agenda. The identification of my layers of defences, which had prevented this before, and expression work to shift them was so beautiful. I found I could be myself with people without shame, guilt or self-doubt, without illusions of the world clouding. I shifted my dork depreciating behaviour, superiority and toxic shame beliefs around my self worth and accepted self love – gave myself permission to be in the light to be of the light.

The patters or behaviour traits I had learnt and accepted as my own self from both my father and my mother kept me in a state of self-denial, avoidance of emotional honesty and constantly under threat, in defence feeling only the need to prevent being hurt to push others away to control and dominate by fear. The Hoffman Process required me to force down those walls to express fears and to access my emotional world. Once I started to express my pattern resistance, my new emotional child self was exposed to the light and able to grow, to mature and to escape my fear/shame prison.

I had always blamed my fathers anger and had not fully considered the negative love patterns of my mother. The Process was very powerful in revealing the combined effects of my parents on me and the setup of negative traits me. This reveal was then combined into a gradual but lasting shift through compassion and forgiveness toward new behaviour. This is possible by accepting the truth of my self, my essential self, my spiritual self, my connection to the light of the universe.

The meditations and reflective tasks enabled me to discover knowledge and feeling of who I am and where my life could be on the right track toward a positive loving existence.

I feel safe and in control of my path through life in a whole other way – a complete perspective shift. I am able to move with change to be in the moment to actively engage with my partner, friends and family with emotional honesty and no judgements. There are still frustrations and disagreements but these do not consume me or dominate my life. I do not fear what might be, I live in the moment, aware of my life now, seeing, listening and speaking with open intentions and positive love to others. I have set aside my defences and reasons to embrace change and an unknown future with the joy of discoveries to come and a knowledge of my true self.

Robert Lightbody
April 2017

Reuben Pather, May 2017

This journey happened 16 years ago for me, the second time around re-ignited how to live my life without the fear and anxiety running agenda.

I have been taught how to live my life with my true essence. – Thank you.

Reuben Pather
May 2017

Beth Bridson, May 2017

Having never heard of The Hoffman Process before signing up and doing so on the word of others, I didn’t really know what to expect and was a bit challenged by the thought of tracing my problems/patterns back to my parents. It was almost contradictory to my sense of self, self-responsibility.

Wow. What a journey. Often uncomfortable and repeatedly confronting but the guidance, support and thoroughness offered in the process was AMAZING. The creation of a safe space was so nurturing and allowed us all, in our own ways and time to connect to ourselves and each other. A tribe in our uniqueness and human-ness and recognition of the light within.

Beth Bridson
May 2017

Barbara, May 2017

It is so weird, but genius. Lean in and enjoy the journey.

May 2017

Carol Vickers, May 2017

My experience with The Hoffman Process has been nothing but positive, I am so excited to go back out into the real world with tools I can use, so I can be a much better and grounded person.

Equipped with better skills and more compassion for people, I have also been able to forgive my mother and father for all the hurt I felt, I’ve also been able to forgive myself.

Carol Vickers
May 2017

Michael, May 2017

The Hoffman Process was a unique experience to reflect upon and process patterns and traits that cause us to become the way we do – good and bad.

Highly beneficial and worthwhile. One can only expand their consciousness and self awareness by participating.

May 2017

Pru Etchewery, May 2017

I came into the process pretty broken after the death of my mother, having become completely stuck in both work and personal life.

I learnt to see the choices I have and how to recognise patterns that do not serve me and to replace them with different ones. I see this as being a long journey.

Pru Etchewery
May 2017

Matt Parsons, May 2017

The Hoffman Process has a profound ability to enable change and understanding. The process has a sense of permanence and embodied insight that will enable you to finally feel a genuine and authentic sense of self, inner resolve and confidence.

Matt Parsons
May 2017

Juciane, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is the only tool I have come across in my entire life that has allowed me to know who I am.

Trust me, I have done so much to heal my wounds and all I had done was put band-aids on them. I am feeling whole, integrated and serene. I brought all my existences to one unique spot, me in my body, here right now.

May 2017

Louise, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is something I have never experienced before in this life. The Process is first class. The care, compassion and guidance by the facilitators – Kerrie, Craig and Julian was exceptional.

Their instructions were always delivered from a safe and loving place. I felt trusting from day one knowing that they were right behind me every step of the way. I am and was very humbled to have shared this experience with 14 other participants from all ages and walks of life.

I have found my tribe but above all I have discovered that the tools and learning I have experienced were always with me – inside me. I am stronger for having taken the leap.

May 2017

Sue, May 2017

Words cannot adequately express the deeply enlightening and cathartic experience I have just been led through by doing The Hoffman Process.

This process leads you through a lovingly supported personal ‘hero’s journey’ to reconnect with your true essence and move forward in life, wholeheartedly with a sense of purpose and safety. It is confronting, practical, spiritual and cleansing.

If you are feeling lost, as I was, stuck and disconnected from yourself and those people you most care about then please do The Hoffman Process. You will never regret taking this step in your life. Once you have done Hoffman your life and perspective will never be the same.

May 2017

Madeleine, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is a tool for life and should be available to everyone. I was living life from a place of fear and self doubt that was keeping me small and stuck. I was living in a state of sadness that I didn’t understand, causing me shame as a result.

The Hoffman Process reconnected me with my repressed emotion and showed me how disconnected I was from my true nature and my radiant essence. It gave me permission to feel the fear and grief that I had been taught were not valid emotions and were to remain repressed and under control. I now have the tools to forge a new path toward joy, love and authenticity. To let go of fear and grief as ways of being. It has reminded me of the power of love and gratitude and given me a deep sense of compassion toward others.

May 2017

Ian Buchanan

I attended the Hoffman course in April 2000 in Melbourne. The experience was for me a very positive one. I am writhing this letter to share may experiences in order that you might, in turn, share them with others who are considering attending and who, like me, may know little of what to expect.

I signed up for the Hoffman course by my wife following a motorcycle crash in March, the latest in a long line of illnesses, which formed a pattern in my life. Beyond the limited feedback from friends who had previously attended, I knew little about the Hoffman Process and was not at all convinced that this was a commitment of time I could afford.

Today, eight months after the course, I can confidently say that for the Hoffman course was one of the most important learning experiences of my life. It helped me to achieve substantially greater self-knowledge and personal insight; to recognise and change behavioural patterns, which I was not fully conscious of; and to enhance my confidence in my ability to use the tools learned in the course to make continuing changes going forward.

While the course is intense and demands full commitment from each participant to realise the benefits – the results for me have clearly justified the investment. If you are on a person quest for greater insight and self knowledge, and if you are willing to embark on an accelerated pace of change, it is likely that the Hoffman Process will prove to be of substantial value to you.

Volker keep up the good work!

Ian Buchanan

John Pead, Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne

The Hoffman Process is a brief, highly intensive and residential group psychotherapy of eight days duration it compromises tightly integrated mainstream interventions drawn from psycho-education, prolonged imaginal exposure and somatic work.

Based on my own direct participation, it focuses on dismantling developmental defenses, reducing shame and self-loathing, and uniquely has a highly compelling vision of unconditional self-love. The Process is appropriate for adults with anxiety, depression and dysthymia of moderate severity. Consistent with other effective approaches it doesn’t make false claims of cures.

However, engagement and hope are especially promoted because it compresses the work of many individual consultations into one eight day period. The practitioners are well qualified and experienced and follow highly ethical and documented processes. Screening and approval is routinely required of practitioners of people already in mental health care.

The cost is equivalent to around 20 standard consultations which represents good value given that few people drop out prior to completion. Follow-up sessions are available in person and by phone where people do not already have their own practitioner.

I have no financial or other vested interest in the organization whatsoever.

John Pead
Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne

Peter Smith, Work Smart, Do Good, Live Great

In most everyone’s life it’s important to take stock, to reflect on what’s important to them, and to evaluate what influences have led one to where they are. This helps clarify one’s direction, and gives hope that the future will perhaps be different than the past. That was the goal I had in mind for choosing the Hoffman Process.

I work around the work on mission critical assignments for the United Nations and Multi-national organisations. In that role, I need to hold a space of genuine regard for the wellbeing and emotional intelligence of the people who hire me to get a result in challenging circumstances.

To do that, I need to have the moral authority, and the courage, to hold difficult conversations; inquire into things left unsaid, build a new version of leadership, or how a team works and, ultimately, the results that group of people want to achieve.

I wholeheartedly recommend the work of the Hoffman process if you are someone who wants to feel more fully into who you are and what you are capable of being, not bound by how you think you should be, how society or your family condones your behaviour, but what’s real and right for you.

When you find that, as I did doing the Hoffman Process, you find a higher purpose to the work you do, the relationships that are important to you, and how you show up in the world. From there, anything is possible. Trust me, I know because I am living proof.

If you’ve been guided here to this page, and you are exploring this program for your life, that’s a good sign that there is a big part of you that is wanting and waiting to come into your life – more adaptable, more understanding, more compassionate, more loving, and with more life energy than you ever thought possible.

Just Do It.

Peter Smith
Work Smart, Do Good, Live Great

Scott Ohlgren

I had heard about the Hoffman Process for years, mainly from two wealthy and successful businessmen who both told me, when I’d ask about it, “Just go.” In the summer of 1996, I was travelling around Australia for 3 months and saw an ad by the Hoffman centre, and thought, “well, just go.” So I did.

It’s now 17 years later. Looking back, I can see what I learned: Emotional Intelligence.

I found out that to experience the best in life—to feel a sense of well-being, to feel happy, and on purpose—a human being has to have access to their full spectrum of emotion. Even the crappy ones, like sorrow and horror and rage, If some of ones emotional spectrum can’t be expressed, then there will be a glitch in the fabric of life, and that glitch will show up in all sorts of tweaked behavior, repeatedly, until we learn how to experience those missing emotional expressions.

For me, prior to the Hoffman week, the one missing emotion was anger. In situations where the appropriate emotion should’ve been anger, I felt collapse and hopelessness instead. That all changed from that weeklong intensive. The really interesting thing for me is that my improved emotional intelligence got better and better over the following years.

I never did an ounce of the homework we were given after the class (whoops!), and for a while, I felt guilty about that. But then I realized I had gotten the transmission: I had somehow turned on some new insight in my brain and nervous system, enough to figure out how have access to the full spectrum of emotions in life.

Emotional intelligence changes everything. It took me from being reactive and ineffective to being present and impactful, especially in those situations where others are falling apart or going into shock. For me, it becomes the only way to live. Thanks for that week.

Scott Ohlgren

Ana Garcia

I feel that truly, doing the process is one of the most valuable things I have ever done for myself in my whole life.

Ana Garcia

Matthew Chun, Melbourne 2018

When I came to the Hoffman process, I was not entirely sure that it was the right course for me. I was having problems with my relationships and whilst I was not depressed, I was not experiencing joy.

I had a very pleasant childhood and loved my parents deeply, so, was unsure how events in my childhood could have negatively impacted me to end up in my situating. But what Hoffman discovered for me was that both consciously and unconsciously, I have felt a need to repay Mum and Dad for my childhood and that has led to deep issues around my inadequacy as a human being.

This unconscious feeling of inadequacy has lead me to adopt a range of negative behaviours that have negatively impaired myself and my relationships throughout my life.

The Process has not only identified this negative pattern, it has equipped me with tools to help break the cycle. Whilst at the same time, freed me from the enormous guilt I have carried for the death of my brother. I am excited to move into the next step of my life, being guided by my essence and living my life with a full loving heart.

Matthew Chun
Melbourne 2018

Anonymous, May 2017

The Process has brought me to a place of understanding and certainty about who I am and how to move forward in my life. My life now has the opportunity to flourish beyond my previously confined and contaminated thinking.

My love for myself is something I thought was unattainable. But here I am, loving myself. And ready to let that flow out to all my relationships. I will be forever grateful to The Process.

May 2017

Jeremy Harris

Participating in the process felt like throwing out an old picture of my life – dark, grey, angry, story, and being presented with a clean canvas, on which to start painting a fresh picture of my life. It has been very liberating.

Jeremy Harris


James, Change Consultant, Sydney Australia

From feeling hopeless, trapped and in cycles of quit and remorse I have emerged confident and excited for the future.

I take away a new outlook and the tools to move to my vision. I have the internal strength to focus on a new and exciting future.

Having completed the Course I am very grateful for the opportunity. I would highly recommend it to anyone stuck in the traps of modern life.

hoffman process reviews
James, Sydney Australia
Change Consultant

Andrew Warrell, Senior Executive, Exxon Mobile, Singapore, July 2019

Hoffman was a transformative experience. It was confronting and challenging but all worth the hard work. I left with more access to my spiritual self, greater access to my emotions and clarity of purpose and vision. I left Hoffman with an incredible sense of power and energy and excitement with what comes next in my life.

Andrew Warrell
Senior Executive, Exxon Mobile

Anonymous, May 2016

The Hoffman Process came at a time in my life when I was full of toxic shame for the patterns I was living in my life. I was getting the same feedback over and over again towards my behaviour. I was not empathetic, considerate, mindful or kind to people around me especially at work. Here I was extremely task oriented and had lost my compassion and humanity.

I had become institutionalised in the workaholic mindset and was very riteuous, superior-minded and angry with people and the world. I was anxious constantly and suffering from depression. This state took me to a place where I devalued myself and beat myself up to a pulp emotionally everyday in my unattainable quest to control and prove my ability and make everything I was doing perfect.

The process was an experience I will never forget and will continue to practice throughout my journey in life. Why? Because it grounded me in my spiritual self, allowed and enabled me to find myself again, my true self. Not the self I thought I had become. It gave me the tools to become highly and keenly aware of the patterns I had learned from my parents.

The negative love that I had been living out in my everyday life that was not my true self. Looking into my patterns gave me that insight I needed to make a life change. A lasting change in my being. It gave me a perspective to which I had scratched the surface of but had not truly understood the impact on my behaviour toward others and myself.

Through becoming aware of my patterns the process took me through an expression evolution, drawing out and confronting my dark side and my negative love patterns to start to free my spiritual self of the hurtful and painful life I was leading.

Compassion and forgiveness is key to the whole process and the third step toward toward freeing yourself of your negative patterns. For me this step was hard to achieve, as I thought I had already forgiven but the true gift was in finding the compassion and unconditional love that I had never experienced in my life. There was always a catch and always a repercussion.

Embodying this and finding my ‘right road’ put an energy into my spiritual self that had been suppressed and taken over by my intellect. Finding compassion for myself and forgiving myself enabled me to value myself and recognise my contribution to the world is valued and encouraged.

The final step of uncovering new behaviours is an ongoing process, using everything learnt about myself. Centering and grounding myself is my key to staying balanced and live a life full of love, light and positive energy both from within me and the outside world and to contribute towards a better human race, planet and energy in the universe.

May 2016

Mark Jago, July 2016

The past week has been undoubtedly the most profound week of my life. Prior to doing the process I would have considered myself to be a confident and perceptive human who has planned a successful career but who had some issues with anger and criticism. Hmm.

After the past week I would have to reconsider and considerably revise my awareness to something more like – I was a scared and lonely human whos pattern have consistently stopped me from being myself. I am leaving the process feeling authentic, free and now armed with the tools required to live a full and loving life. What more could one ask for?

Mark Jago
July 2016

Ty Warren, October 2016

OMFG. I have never felt so grounded, nor have I ever felt love so strong. Before I came to Hoffman I resented my father and could not even stand to be in the same room as my mother, I also neglected my daughter for most of my life – Until now!!!

I have learnt forgiveness, compassion and above all love. I thought that I knew what it as until I was introduced to this amazing program. I not only have respect for others now but I am walking away from this program with self respect, dignity and a complete new outlook on life. As well as what it feels like, a heart 5 times bigger than Pharlap.

The tools I have been given will be used for the rest of my life. I understand that there are so many people out there that can be bitter, twisted, vindictive and inconsiderate just as I was and if I could meet these people and they met me before and after the Hoffman Process I am positive that they would be lining up kilometers out the door to finally be able to actually start there lives completely and be able to actually say before their last breath, “I am at peace with my self”.

If I had my way I would make it compulsory for every person to go through this process, (that’s why I am not the Prime Minister). Instead all I can do is tell you. If you can open your mind and look deep inside and seriously want to change your life forever The Hoffman Process is one incredible way to realise your true potential. It’s never too late to find who you really are deep down inside.

Now coming from a tradesperson, who didn’t care and started to spiral down into a life of self distraction in his life. I humbly would love to say my future is endless and I am one who has the decision to choose my own path and will always look back to this day when I’m feeling down and remember what transformation in 1 week had done to me.

Thank you ever so much to The Hoffman Process, my gratitude to you is to be able to say I can now live a fulfilled life with no more regrets and more love than I could ever imagine, to give to anyone who has an open mind and soul!

Ty Warren
October 2016

Loren Shuster, Chief Commercial Officer, The LEGO Group

The Hoffman Process was and continues to be a critical dimension of my development on a personal and professional level. The Process supported my inquiry into how I can be more effective and have a bigger impact as a leader.

Through the process I was able to clearly see how some of my behavioural patterns were undermining my interest to support individuals and teams to achieve their objectives.

I continue to use the insights and tools from The Process on a regular basis and believe that they provide me greater clarity of purpose, ability to motivate others and deliver results without sacrificing my core principles.

Loren Shuster
Chief Commercial Officer, The LEGO Group

David Blair, Global Head of Treasury, Nokia Corporation

Although I had a successful career and a beautiful family, there was something in me telling me that there had to be more to life, so I signed up for the Hoffman Quadrinity Process (HQP) on trust – and have never looked back.

The HQP has helped me in my career as a Manager, setting values for the company, visioning, family, balancing business life with family, health, and my purpose in Life…

Most business leader’s now understand the importance of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) at work. Leaders cannot build high performance teams without understanding empathy and being able to bond with others. We cannot work effectively without clarity of purpose and connection with our motivations.

‘Inspiring others’ seems false to me, until we can tap into our own vision and energy. HQP has given me the understanding of self and others that allows me to deliver powerful results for Nokia. It has also helped me to manage conflicting pressures because I am much clearer about my priorities and willing and able to take care of my needs because if I do not, I will be of no use either at home or at work.

David Blair
Global Head of Treasury, Nokia Corporation

Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author of Uplifting Service

The Hoffman Process is one of the most powerful, positive, and influential experiences in my life. This unique program is deeply moving and emotionally healing. The vital issues of self and relationship with others are explored in a dynamic context that is sound in design and brilliantly facilitated.

There is a reason this Process has been available for more than 45 years. It works immediately and delivers benefits for many years to come. I recommend the Process as a precious opportunity to make your life, and the lives of those you love, richer, deeper, and more fulfilling.

For a leader, self-understanding is essential to connect with, inspire, motivate, and effectively lead others. The Hoffman Process gives you rapid access to deep self-understanding while equipping you with the tools and compassion needed to help everyone perform better together.

Ron Kaufman
New York Times Bestselling Author of Uplifting Service

Dr. Duncan Stuart, PO Box 77, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029

My professional strength as a leader only blossomed after I completed the Hoffman Process in 2001, allowing me to take on roles effortlessly that previously intimidated me. Not a lack of intelligence or skills, just unresolved emotional baggage that corrupted every relationship at work, play and with family.

I have since realised that release of my AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP required strong development of and connections between one’s intellect – and most importantly one’s emotions. Greater control of reactivity and ego – with wisdom – are the characteristics of the best leaders. This requires processing of our “deep emotional reactivity from stuff” that we all carry from our childhood.

There is probably no better value approach to clear the decks for authentic leadership than the Hoffman Process. Skills development is trivial, shallow and unsustainable in comparison. “An unprocessed life is not worth living” could aptly be re-written as “an unprocessed life (with unresolved stuff causing damaging reactivity) is the major barrier to true leadership.” Anyone finding blocks in their leadership journey should consider the Hoffman Process as a powerful way to get to the root causes that undermine us daily.

Once they are cleared, then we become the true leaders we can best be. Love and Light!” my already grown-up children was not really healthy either; without considering after few months’ time I would had become grandfather for the first time. Cornered as I was I had to make a choice, either becoming a victim or more responsible. I chose the latest and the Hoffman Quadrinity Process was the best option I thought I had. I was right, because that was the start of a new life.

The process was not the miracle, but what I got from it helped me to create my miracle. I changed my life! Yes it takes time to process all the learning, the insights. It takes endurance, hard work because at the end is not about what happen in life, but what we do with what is happening. The worst feeling is not to know what to do, the feeling of being prisoner in my own brain. Well, that is what the Hoffman Process gave me, the key to open the cage.

Sometimes it was scarring out of the cage, but I had a new awareness, a new strength inside, a big hope, and with trust, courage and the help of God I changed my life. Since I started my new profession as Counsellor, I have been referring clients to the Hoffman Process in a regular basis because I believe it makes a difference.

Dr. Duncan Stuart
PO Box 77, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029

The Retreat

Monique Fanslow, Multicultural Leadership Coach, Innergie Coaching & Communication, March

‘The Retreat’ is an excellent follow-up to the Hoffman Process. It gives deeper insights into our personality structure and deepens the skills taught at the original Hoffman Process.

I particularly valued Jutka’s and Volker’s personal input, expertise and encouragement.

This training truly moved the needle providing new lenses and approaches to deal with challenges.

A big thank you to Hoffman once again!

Monique Fanslow
Multicultural Leadership Coach, Innergie Coaching & Communication

Beryl Gregg, May 2018

It keeps alive the work I started by doing the Hoffman Process.

It clarifies where I am stuck or unclear.

It gives me tools and insights to help myself.

Beryl Gregg

Harry Boot, May 2018

I wanted to hereby thank my wife who introduced me to the Hoffman Process. It’s already made a profound difference in relationships I care about.

The Hoffman Process is great and results in you better understanding the patterns of your life and where they come from.

‘The Retreat’ goes much deeper and digs into the understanding why do I think, do and feel. If you want change, I highly recommend it.

Harry Boot

Paul Semple, May 2018

I did the Hoffman Process 5 years ago and a lot had changed in my life …. Some change for the good but in my reality more for the bad.

I recently was married to the love of my life, I felt blessed but deeply trapped and sad and yearning to be happy with what I have ….

The Retreat was a response to a desperation for clarity and change …..

The work I have done has given me a profound insight into myself, my pattern’s and my truth…. The strength and clarity I have discovered and gift that I will take with me into my life.

What are you waiting for………do it ……… now….

Paul Semple

Christelle Naud, May 2018

I have experienced a profoundly insightful and constructive week through a combination of practical tools that I can apply to my daily life, future goals, clarifying the behavioural structure through which I have been operating in my life up until now.

I have experienced loving, professional support, a group of open-minded, openhearted people, all in a setting of a space that felt safe and contained to truly share our deepest fears, shames, pains and desires. It has been non-judgmental and self-responsible.

Deeply grateful for these 5 days for the creation and existence of this course. I think it can help many more people gather insights as to how they operate and tools to change their life, Step by Step!

Christelle Naud

Dean Nelson, May 2018

‘The Retreat’ for me was a far more richer experience than the Process. The Process sets things up very well to do this additional work.

The 5 days is perfect in terms of time commitment and allows for the work to be done.

The Enneagram work is both revealing and challenging. Overall a rewarding experience.

Dean Nelson

Bec Brideson, May 2018

The Retreat takes the Hoffman Process and puts the toolkit and knowledge on steroids. The depth, the widening and the opportunity for personal transformation is a heroine’s journey and worth every moment of every precious day. The humanity of the teachers is testament to the quest for ongoing growth and life’s momentum. Go and GROW!

hoffman process reviews
Bec Brideson

Miles Mainwaring, May 2018

‘The Retreat’ is the most spiritually enlightening and rewarding thing I have ever done. It has changed the lens on how I view and experience my life and given me a pathway to become my best self. I cannot describe the wonderful feeling I experiences and a real lightness from casting off some old tired beliefs and patterns.

miles mainwaring
Miles Mainwaring

David Rogiani, May 2018

A Profoundly enriching experience. The Advanced Retreat is a significantly deeper, more intense and more valuable learning experience as compared to the Hoffman Process. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about achieving sustainable Happiness.

David Rogiani

Camellia S, March 2019

‘The Retreat’ really brought together my learnings from the Hoffman Process. You could say it was the final piece of the puzzle that brought forward the complete picture of who I am at my core. I would recommend it to anyone who has completed the Hoffman Process.

hoffman process review camellia s.
Camellia S

Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author, Oct 2014

For a leader, self-understanding is essential to connect with, inspire, motivate, and effectively lead others. ‘The Retreat’ gives you rapid access to deep self-understanding while equipping you with the tools and compassion needed to help everyone perform better together.

hoffman process review ron kaufman
Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author

Erin S, March 2019

An incredibly impactful, life changing and life affirming experience. Taking what was learned at the Hoffman Process and deep diving into understanding myself at The Retreat has given me invaluable tools for my road ahead. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

hoffman process review erin s.
Erin S

Jonathan Love

Every Hoffman program I have experienced has been inspiring and incredibly valuable for me to have a balanced serene life. The advanced program was wonderful for me – incredible inspiring participants who taught me again the awe of standing in another person’s shoes (and several will be life long friends), wise and loving mentors – Volker and Jutka, a program which helped me feel my full life force, and practical life experience which helped me to set simple activities to help transform my life and relationships.

Every program has fundamentally surprised me in the insights I have gained, which seem so obvious when they arise that I know they are true. Thank you so much for helping me find myself and sustained joy.

Jonathan Love

David Wiles

Now almost two years on after doing the Process, followed by the Advanced Retreat 6 months later and looking back at the experience – it seems that the Process was like a cauldron, a boiling pot where a multitude of issues came to the surface to be recognised and ‘The Retreat’ was a place of consolidation and understanding of where to move next.

The Process was a building of tensions and energy like a boiler building up with pressure and ‘The Retreat’ was the rocket launch which sent me off on my new path with a clearer direction.

David Wiles

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