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Over the past 30 years, I have seen thousands of people from all walks of life benefit from the Hoffman Process. We receive regular referrals from therapists, counselors and other healthcare professionals. Below is just a selection of participants and industry experts’ comments on the Process. We hope you will join us for the most positive transformational experience of your life.

Volker Krohn, Director, Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore since 1991.

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Personal Relationships

Scarlett, May 2017

It’s a process of searching for love, compassion and your own soul. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels stressed, anxious, unhappy or simply just wants to find out the meaning of life. Through physical action, mindful thinking, meditation, theory learning, emotional touching, I understand how my body and soul come together, serving me… Read more “Scarlett, May 2017”

May 2017

Leonardo Talpo, Relationship Counsellor, Singapore

It all started in 1998, I was 46 years old, the right age to look in the mirror and revisit my life. I was already divorced one time, my second marriage was shaking and the relationship with my already grown-up children was not really healthy either; without considering after few months’ time I would had… Read more “Leonardo Talpo, Relationship Counsellor, Singapore”

Leonardo Talpo,
Relationship Counsellor, Singapore

Katherine Simmons, May 2017

I feel that a new beginning has started. I feel healed. I feel free and uplifted. I feel that there is now a meaning to the word and feeling of love. I feel that I can now forgive.

Katherine Simmons
May 2017

Bailey Ashley, May 2017

I found the process to be very confronting, so many of my patterns were overtaking my openness to complete the program and my willingness, shadowed by doubt but I stuck it out. I embraced being out of my comfort zone and trusted that this could actually work. With the most amazing tutors and tribe, (my… Read more “Bailey Ashley, May 2017”

Bailey Ashley
May 2017

Carol H, June 2016

The process has been an extraordinary, transforming experience for me. It has given me the confidence and the strategies to bring about profound and positive changes within myself and within my relationships with others. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the facilitators, who displayed not only highly developed skills in presenting and running workshops… Read more “Carol H, June 2016”

Carol H
June 2016

Han, June 2016

The Process has helped me with getting in touch with my emotions. It has helped me realise how much I was lying to myself and colluding internally. It has given me the tools to release my dark side and control my emotional child’s desire to play. It has shown me what I really want in… Read more “Han, June 2016”

June 2016

Greg, June 2016

The Process has shown me that people do actually appreciate my kindness and I am lovable. It has uncovered my compassion and ability to see people for who they really are without judgement. I found the staff to be loving, caring and warm toward me, it made me feel entirely safe. I think all the… Read more “Greg, June 2016”

June 2016

Miranda, June 2017

The Process has opened me right up to the wonderful possibilities available to me, if I choose the right path. It has made me feel braver to stand up for me because I am important and must put myself first. The staff have been exceptionally supportive and provided us with guidance and love throughout the… Read more “Miranda, June 2017”

June 2017

Bridgette, June 2016

For the first time I feel a sense of forgiveness an compassion toward my parents. The anger in my heart has dissipated. The facilitators were very kind, very sharp and supportive, enthusiastic, passionate and authentic.

June 2016

Julia, June 2016

The Process has allowed me to forgive myself and others, to be able to let things go, tools to learn how to stop the ‘thoughts’. It’s taught me independence and reassurance that I will be okay and I am still growing.

June 2016

Joanna, August 2014

The Process has given me insight into how I have been driven by old family patterns. It has given me some space, time and tools to know that I can choose how I respond. I found the staff very helpful and encouraging pre-process. The facilities are totally dedicated to assisting with the process. The care,… Read more “Joanna, August 2014”

August 2014

Alina, August 2014

I feel free to connect to my playful me and use it. I see my life in a different way and stopped blaming myself for the many mistakes and issues I experienced with my children.

August 2014

Ingrid Hanson, July 2016

I knew something was amiss when I contained my rage at someone’s behaviour by shutting down. I was the one suffering in silence and I knew that I needed to repair the relationship, but I didn’t know how. A friend who I had shared the event with suggested that I revisit The Hoffman Process. After… Read more “Ingrid Hanson, July 2016”

Ingrid Hanson
July 2016

Ian Wrigley, July 2016

The Hoffman Process was a kick arse journey of self discovery around my patterns of behaviour and where and how they were planted, germinated and nurtured by my non-stop intellect. I have taken away a lot of tools and taken charge of self responsibility to move forward into an awesome future with myself and my… Read more “Ian Wrigley, July 2016”

Ian Wrigley
July 2016

Anonymous, Oct 2016

I attended The Hoffman Process in my late 40s to help work through my issues I was having with respect to my perfecting style and in my relationship. I was guarded and suspicious of the process and doubted the potential for me to benefit or for it to be really helpful in my life. The… Read more “Anonymous, Oct 2016”

Oct 2016


When my husband said that he wanted to go on the Hoffman Process and asked me to accompany him, I didn’t feel like I needed it in the least. I had a successful career, happy kids, a great relationship with my parents, and he was the one with the major problems. Or so I thought!… Read more “Anonymous”



It was a very emotional time for us and at times challenging to have each other present when confronting our past, but it also meant that we were each others witnesses and could truly understand the new path we had chosen. I will never forget a spontaneous moment at the end of the Process during… Read more “Anonymous”


Personal Development

Jeremy Harris

Participating in the process felt like throwing out an old picture of my life – dark, grey, angry, story, and being presented with a clean canvas, on which to start painting a fresh picture of my life. It has been very liberating.

Jeremy Harris

Fleur Romano, May 2017

The process has brought me to a place of understanding and certainty about who I am and how to move forward in my life. My life now has the opportunity to flourish beyond my previously confined and contaminated thinking. My love for myself is something I thought was unattainable. But here I am, loving myself.… Read more “Fleur Romano, May 2017”

Fleur Romano
May 2017

Matthew, Melbourne 2018

When I came to the Hoffman process, I was not entirely sure that it was the right course for me. I was having problems with my relationships and whilst I was not depressed, I was not experiencing joy. I had a very pleasant childhood and loved my parents deeply, so, was unsure how events in… Read more “Matthew, Melbourne 2018”

Melbourne 2018

Ana Garcia

I feel that truly, doing the process is one of the most valuable things I have ever done for myself in my whole life.

Ana Garcia

Scott Ohlgren

I had heard about the Hoffman Process for years, mainly from two wealthy and successful businessmen who both told me, when I’d ask about it, “Just go.” In the summer of 1996, I was travelling around Australia for 3 months and saw an ad by the Hoffman centre, and thought, “well, just go.” So I… Read more “Scott Ohlgren”

Scott Ohlgren

Peter Smith, Work Smart, Do Good, Live Great

In most everyone’s life it’s important to take stock, to reflect on what’s important to them, and to evaluate what influences have led one to where they are. This helps clarify one’s direction, and gives hope that the future will perhaps be different than the past. That was the goal I had in mind for… Read more “Peter Smith, Work Smart, Do Good, Live Great”

Peter Smith
Work Smart, Do Good, Live Great

John Pead, Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne

The Hoffman Process is a brief, highly intensive and residential group psychotherapy of eight days duration it compromises tightly integrated mainstream interventions drawn from psycho-education, prolonged imaginal exposure and somatic work. Based on my own direct participation, it focuses on dismantling developmental defenses, reducing shame and self-loathing, and uniquely has a highly compelling vision of… Read more “John Pead, Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne”

John Pead
Assoc Prof. Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne

Ian Buchanan

I attended the Hoffman course in April 2000 in Melbourne. The experience was for me a very positive one. I am writhing this letter to share may experiences in order that you might, in turn, share them with others who are considering attending and who, like me, may know little of what to expect. I… Read more “Ian Buchanan”

Ian Buchanan

Madeleine, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is a tool for life and should be available to everyone. I was living life from a place of fear and self doubt that was keeping me small and stuck. I was living in a state of sadness that I didn’t understand, causing me shame as a result. The Hoffman Process reconnected… Read more “Madeleine, May 2017”

May 2017

Sue, May 2017

Words cannot adequately express the deeply enlightening and cathartic experience I have just been led through by doing The Hoffman Process. This process leads you through a lovingly supported personal ‘hero’s journey’ to reconnect with your true essence and move forward in life, wholeheartedly with a sense of purpose and safety. It is confronting, practical,… Read more “Sue, May 2017”

May 2017

Louise, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is something I have never experienced before in this life. The Process is first class. The care, compassion and guidance by the facilitators – Kerrie, Craig and Julian was exceptional. Their instructions were always delivered from a safe and loving place. I felt trusting from day one knowing that they were right… Read more “Louise, May 2017”

May 2017

Juciane, May 2017

The Hoffman Process is the only tool I have come across in my entire life that has allowed me to know who I am. Trust me, I have done so much to heal my wounds and all I had done was put band-aids on them. I am feeling whole, integrated and serene. I brought all… Read more “Juciane, May 2017”

May 2017

Matt Parsons, May 2017

The Hoffman Process has a profound ability to enable change and understanding. The process has a sense of permanence and embodied insight that will enable you to finally feel a genuine and authentic sense of self, inner resolve and confidence.

Matt Parsons
May 2017

Pru Etchewery, May 2017

I came into the process pretty broken after the death of my mother, having become completely stuck in both work and personal life. I learnt to see the choices I have and how to recognise patterns that do not serve me and to replace them with different ones. I see this as being a long… Read more “Pru Etchewery, May 2017”

Pru Etchewery
May 2017

Michael, May 2017

The Hoffman Process was a unique experience to reflect upon and process patterns and traits that cause us to become the way we do – good and bad. Highly beneficial and worthwhile. One can only expand their consciousness and self awareness by participating.

May 2017

Carol Vickers, May 2017

My experience with The Hoffman Process has been nothing but positive, I am so excited to go back out into the real world with tools I can use, so I can be a much better and grounded person. Equipped with better skills and more compassion for people, I have also been able to forgive my… Read more “Carol Vickers, May 2017”

Carol Vickers
May 2017

Barbara, May 2017

It is so weird, but genius. Lean in and enjoy the journey.

May 2017

Beth Bridson, May 2017

Having never heard of The Hoffman Process before signing up and doing so on the word of others, I didn’t really know what to expect and was a bit challenged by the thought of tracing my problems/patterns back to my parents. It was almost contradictory to my sense of self, self-responsibility. Wow. What a journey.… Read more “Beth Bridson, May 2017”

Beth Bridson
May 2017

Reuben Pather, May 2017

This journey happened 16 years ago for me, the second time around re-ignited how to live my life without the fear and anxiety running agenda. I have been taught how to live my life with my true essence. – Thank you.

Reuben Pather
May 2017

Robert Lightbody, April 2017

The most amazing gift for me of the Hoffman Process was the ability to connect with other people free of judgement or agenda. The identification of my layers of defences, which had prevented this before, and expression work to shift them was so beautiful. I found I could be myself with people without shame, guilt… Read more “Robert Lightbody, April 2017”

Robert Lightbody
April 2017

Alexandra Coward, April 2014

It is not possible to attend The Hoffman Process and not change. You will feel uneasy, challenged, confronted and at times defensive…but you will also feel safe, supported and strong. Your fellow students come from all walks of life and you will have something in common with each and everyone of them. I shared my… Read more “Alexandra Coward, April 2014”

Alexandra Coward
April 2014

Julia W, August 2016

My journey began with caution but sheer excitement as I was driving to Byron Bay. I was going to ‘get fixed’. Wow so many guttural emotions that I didn’t realise lived within me – Fear, Anger, Sadness, Resentment and Denial, just to name a few. The process allowed me to experience the rebirth of my… Read more “Julia W, August 2016”

Julia W
August 2016

Bruce L, August 2016

The Hoffman Process is the most powerful and transformational experience I have ever undertaken. It does require courage and commitment to fully participate. The change that is available is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Bruce L
August 2016

Rebekah, June 2016

The process has helped me to dig into the past, release deep pain and forgive those who have wronged me. It’s been an incredible journey into my own unknown I’ve resurfaced, feeling refreshed with a much greater love and appreciation for others and myself. I am now free! The facilitators were incredible, knowledgeable and understanding.… Read more “Rebekah, June 2016”

June 2016

Leon P, June 2016

The Process has helped me step into the right road in life. It has cemented hope and trust that life will be in the light, full of love for myself and others and I am loveable. I am feeling well aware of my beautiful spirit essence, the beautiful innocent little boy that’s me and always… Read more “Leon P, June 2016”

Leon P
June 2016

Jayde, June 2016

I have gone places deep inside myself that I never knew existed and now I have a love for myself that I never knew existed. I am free. The staff were pretty spectacular this week on one of the hardest most incredible weeks of my life. They showed me love, care and support especially when… Read more “Jayde, June 2016”

June 2016

Ashleigh, June 2016

I feel the process has allowed me to really connect with my true self. I have let go of the shame and anger that I had been carrying. I feel like for the first time I’m no longer seeking approval. I appreciate myself and who I am, and where I am going. I also have… Read more “Ashleigh, June 2016”

June 2016

W. Ding, June 2016

I feel like a new person (with my operating system newly installed!). The facilitators were very helpful and responsive to logistical questions. The teachers were insightful, patient and caring throughout the whole process.

W. Ding
June 2016

Jayne, June 2016

It has set me free from the sorrow of my past. I feel like I know myself better than ever before and have gained so much internal strength. Letting go of my anger and resentment has given me the power of forgiveness and compassion. The facilitators have all been amazing! Every time I needed a… Read more “Jayne, June 2016”

June 2016

Patrick, June 2016

The Process has enabled me to get in touch with my heart and my spiritual self. It’s cleared my mind and I feel at peace in my heart, mind and spirit. It’s also enabled me to become present. The facilitators were amazing, very warm and caring throughout the process. I could see that they would… Read more “Patrick, June 2016”

June 2016

Peter J, June 2017

I feel I have had a renaissance, a rebirth. I believe I have identified unidentified negative behavioural traits that I am conscious of now and I am working on them. The facilitators were inspirational. I really was impressed with their focus and passion for such an extended period of time.

Peter J
June 2017

Peter B, August 2014

The Process has given me my life back. It’s given me the tools to do what I feel I need to do and the understanding why. The staff was just what I needed and not what I thought I wanted when I arrived. I’ve learnt to trust. Thank you all so much.

Peter B
August 2014

Larissa, August 2014

The Process brought greater clarity and improved my self esteem. Facilitator Amanda was a generous, kind an beautiful person who gave me a huge amount of insight into myself – always with great compassion and wisdom. She is a true gift to anyone who works with her.

August 2014

Nicky H, August 2014

I found the process completely transformational. When I started I was like a caterpillar dissolving and stuck and unable to free myself from all the problems in my life. Through doing the process I now feel like a butterfly, liberated and free to live my life, FINALLY! The staff have an amazing capacity to offer… Read more “Nicky H, August 2014”

Nicky H
August 2014

Martin, August 2016

If nothing else it has given me a clear insight to the origins of my feelings and behaviours and what I can do to make changes. From start to finish the staff have been warm, supportive and understanding. They share their own personal experiences which is very reassuring.

August 2016

Bernadette H, August 2014

The process has provided a safe environment in which I can get to know myself. I have for the first time learned a way to more fully do this – learning about my emotional and spiritual self when my mind (intellect) has been busy for long. I am excited about re-entering my world as a… Read more “Bernadette H, August 2014”

Bernadette H
August 2014

Lana C, August 2014

It has made me so excited to get out there and put everything into practice. I believe I am no lovable, stronger and am so so happy to be connected with my inner spiritual self.

Lana C
August 2014

Anne Weatherston, August 2016

My Take Away: We are the children of our parents. Their limiting beliefs and our limiting beliefs. Unless we recognise and address these beliefs we will never be the person we were meant to be. What I Received: The process has given me a much deeper understanding of the limiting beliefs. I recognise that I… Read more “Anne Weatherston, August 2016”

Anne Weatherston
August 2016

Bella Jackson, July 2016

This process was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It was also one of the most rewarding. I’ve found myself for the first time in my life. I hope the skills and awareness I’ve gained from the process will enrich my life for all the glorious years to come. I… Read more “Bella Jackson, July 2016”

Bella Jackson
July 2016

Warren Smith, July 2016

I came to this process with a simple objective to help heal a particular troubling aspect of my life. By the end of the process, every aspect of my life, and my ‘being’ in it has been significantly impacted. In every domain of my life, I am healthier, happier, more empowered, less triggered, more able… Read more “Warren Smith, July 2016”

Warren Smith
July 2016

Chloe Chan, July 2016

I arrived on the first day as a person that felt unempowered and lacking in ability to think for myself, not knowing what my goals and direction of life are. I had very low-self esteem or belief in myself. Thinking that I wasn’t doing things right or not enough. Through the process, I learned how… Read more “Chloe Chan, July 2016”

Chloe Chan
July 2016

Benjamin Chrystal, July 2016

I am finding it difficult to transcribe the process into words on a piece of paper. It was the most heart felt incredible journey I have ever undertaken in my life. It was an enormous honour and privilege to experience something with this much love with people who started as strangers in my life have… Read more “Benjamin Chrystal, July 2016”

Benjamin Chrystal
July 2016

Virginia Greville, July 2016

The Hoffman Process is a game changer. I finally feel like myself through the breakdown of the Quadrinity to create balance and inner harmony in my life. You will have the privilege of working with some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, who’s ability to guide each and every participant was truly admirable.… Read more “Virginia Greville, July 2016”

Virginia Greville
July 2016

Nadire Jol, Sept 2016

The most amazing experience in my life. I felt powerful, peaceful and positive after completion of the course. Just do it.

Nadire Jol
Sept 2016


Life I believe is a combination of moments all of which lead me here. I had lost my ability to have a voice, to feel at ease with being in the moment always fearing my future. The Hoffman Process has been the most intense and heartfelt week of my life. An introduction to all the… Read more “Anonymous”


Anonymous, Sept 2016

What a life giving gift to myself, the ultimate in self love! I feel the puzzle of life has been completed and I finally feel whole! – Thank you Hoffman.

Sept 2016

Anonymous, Sep 2016

I came to the process locked in a bubble of steel. The process helped me let go of my barriers, it helped me to understand and love my vulnerabilities. It helped me to start filling the massive voids in my soul with light and love. It put me on the right road, my right road… Read more “Anonymous, Sep 2016”

Sep 2016


Dr. Duncan Stuart, PO Box 77, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029

My professional strength as a leader only blossomed after I completed the Hoffman Process in 2001, allowing me to take on roles effortlessly that previously intimidated me. Not a lack of intelligence or skills, just unresolved emotional baggage that corrupted every relationship at work, play and with family. I have since realised that release of… Read more “Dr. Duncan Stuart, PO Box 77, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029”

Dr. Duncan Stuart
PO Box 77, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029

Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author of Uplifting Service

The Hoffman Process is one of the most powerful, positive, and influential experiences in my life. This unique program is deeply moving and emotionally healing. The vital issues of self and relationship with others are explored in a dynamic context that is sound in design and brilliantly facilitated. There is a reason this Process has… Read more “Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author of Uplifting Service”

Ron Kaufman
New York Times Bestselling Author of Uplifting Service

David Blair, Global Head of Treasury, Nokia Corporation

Although I had a successful career and a beautiful family, there was something in me telling me that there had to be more to life, so I signed up for the Hoffman Quadrinity Process (HQP) on trust – and have never looked back. The HQP has helped me in my career as a Manager, setting… Read more “David Blair, Global Head of Treasury, Nokia Corporation”

David Blair
Global Head of Treasury, Nokia Corporation

Loren Shuster, Chief Commercial Officer, The LEGO Group

The Hoffman Process was and continues to be a critical dimension of my development on a personal and professional level. The Process supported my inquiry into how I can be more effective and have a bigger impact as a leader. Through the process I was able to clearly see how some of my behavioural patterns… Read more “Loren Shuster, Chief Commercial Officer, The LEGO Group”

Loren Shuster
Chief Commercial Officer, The LEGO Group

Ty Warren, October 2016

OMFG. I have never felt so grounded, nor have I ever felt love so strong. Before I came to Hoffman I resented my father and could not even stand to be in the same room as my mother, I also neglected my daughter for most of my life – Until now!!! I have learnt forgiveness,… Read more “Ty Warren, October 2016”

Ty Warren
October 2016

Mark Jago, July 2016

The past week has been undoubtedly the most profound week of my life. Prior to doing the process I would have considered myself to be a confident and perceptive human who has planned a successful career but who had some issues with anger and criticism. Hmm. After the past week I would have to reconsider… Read more “Mark Jago, July 2016”

Mark Jago
July 2016

Anonymous, May 2016

The Hoffman Process came at a time in my life when I was full of toxic shame for the patterns I was living in my life. I was getting the same feedback over and over again towards my behaviour. I was not empathetic, considerate, mindful or kind to people around me especially at work. Here… Read more “Anonymous, May 2016”

May 2016

The Retreat

David Wiles

Now almost two years on after doing the process, followed by the Advanced Retreat 6 months later and looking back at the experience – it seems that the Process was like a cauldron, a boiling pot where a multitude of issues came to the surface to be recognised and the Retreat was a place of… Read more “David Wiles”

David Wiles

Jonathan Love

Every Hoffman program I have experienced has been inspiring and incredibly valuable for me to have a balanced serene life. The advanced program was wonderful for me – incredible inspiring participants who taught me again the awe of standing in another person’s shoes (and several will be life long friends), wise and loving mentors –… Read more “Jonathan Love”

Jonathan Love

Anne Looby

The Retreat is an extraordinary addition to the Process and I highly recommend it to any Hoffman graduates. It is indeed a further deepening into the very ground of being. Jutka and Volker have such a wealth and depth of experience. They guided us all with such love into a deep exploration of our Enneagram… Read more “Anne Looby”

Anne Looby
Australian actress and stage director

To learn more about Bob’s work, the theoretical underpinnings of the Hoffman Process, please read The Negative Love Syndrome and the Quadrinity Model© A Path to Personal Freedom and Love, by Bob Hoffman. Free download available here

bob hoffman a path to personal freedom

Self assessment test

Self assessment test

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