Author Hedley Derenzie “Why I Would Recommend Hoffman (to Anyone)”


The decision to sign up for Hoffman was an easy decision, despite it taking several years. Many of my friends had gone through the process and, based on the few details they had shared, I knew Hoffman was not for me. I’d done enough therapy, completed enough courses and dealt with my past, including my relationships with my parents. Or so I thought.

But then I found myself in a familiar place – in a world of emotional pain from which I was struggling (again) to break free. Something had to change, and I knew that ‘something’ had to me. After years of resisting, I went straight to the Hoffman website, and I signed up to the next available course.

And as soon as I did, my fears kicked in. What was I getting myself into? What would we be expected to do? Who would I be doing it with? Who will I be sharing a room with? What if everyone is a total wacko? How am I going to survive for six days? And so on and so on.

Yet amongst the insanity of my thinking, there was an inner voice nudging me forward while telling me that everything was going to be okay.

Sure enough, that little voice was right.

Which is not to say the Hoffman process isn’t an emotional rollercoaster. It is. But it’s an expertly constructed emotional rollercoaster piloted by highly trained and empathetic facilitators. And it’s a rollercoaster designed to have maximum impact and inspire lasting and ongoing change.

It’s also an experience shared alongside a group of awesome and courageous and definitely not wacko people who came to the process with their own stories and the same genuine desire to better themselves and their lives. It certainly makes for a memorable ride.

But Hoffman isn’t a magic pill. And thank goodness it’s not! Hoffman is a process designed so that each person gets to discover and become their own hero. And when the course is finished, you are given the tools so that you can continue being your own hero outside of the safety and sanctuary of the program. Which is why Hoffman is a process I would recommend to anyone, especially those who think they’ve done it all.

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